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  1. I have a full region available for transfer $350 inclusive of $100 Linden Transfer Charge Immediate availability - next payment to Linden due 14 April Please IM or drop me a notecard Adrian Buckenburger
  2. Ok, Someone make me an offer or its being given back to Linden Labs Transfer fee is $100 so anything reasonable above that ....
  3. Homestead Sim for sale Full transfer asking Price- 225USD per Sim or best offer With the transfer, you can move the sim and rename the sim name and estate name and you will have the sim to your name registerred as a estate owner Sim move and renaming will be done with the transfer at no additional charge by LL
  4. Bargain parcel for sale 0.5LS sqm http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Novgorod/140/198/85
  5. Bargain Price good plot 36640 $LS http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Asan/180/162/53
  6. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Novgorod/184/235/74
  7. Full Region for Sale Tier Due 23 December 2012 Asing Price $225 including the $100 Linden Labs transfer fee Please reply or IM me
  8. Region Name Russett Full month's tier due 10 October Transfer fees paid by seller (worth $100 US) Available immediately! Asking $299.00 US dollars. Contact Adrian Buckenburger
  9. Region name: Russett Ttier due on Oct 10 ($295 US) Transfer fees paid by seller (worth $100 US) Available immediately! Asking $299.00 US dollars. Contact Adrian Buckenburger
  10. Private Region for Sale: Russet Prims: 15,000 Next Tier Date: October 10th 2012 Price: USD 300 + USD 100 Linden transfer fee. Contact me by IM
  11. I have full 15,0000 prom Region I wish to dispose of Am willing to transfer for just USD 350 inclusive of Linden USD 100 transfer fee Full vacant possession
  12. Price reduced to USD 325 inclusive to the Linden 100 USD transfer fee
  13. Homestead sim For $ale - 3750 prims Sim must be renamed and moved. Linden require that you own a full sim to buy this one. If you cannot afford to buy, but would like to rent a full HS sim , I could consider that, for right around $150 USD per month. In this case, you would need to respect the estate Covenant, but would have pretty much all land and estate manager rights. Full estate rights granted as soon as tickets are completed. Contact Adrian Buckenburger
  14. Full Sim for Sale - US$450 Pleae contact Adrian Buckenburger with IM or Notecard
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