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  1. So i have already sent LL a support ticket, and talked to one of their support team in live chat, but i thought i would see if anyone here has any answers for my problem I normally use Firestorm, but this problem still occurs on SL viewer as well as phoenix (phoenix is the only one that doesn't crash shortly after I rez) I have also tried logging in on a different computer, and it still happens I have cleared cache, changed graphic settings, and taken every object off until my avatar was naked and tried relogging . .it still happens What is happening is this: Everytime I log in, my avatar is wearing tons of strange things from my inventory, anywhere from houses, to clothes, to smoke emitters, particles, hair, weapons, all at once, so much it covers the whole screen and I can't see anything. I can change my outfit, and it gets rid of everything and puts me in the right outfit, however next time I log in, it does it again. It has been doing this for two days now. I have submitted a ticket, as well as talked to a LL support guy in live chat, and still can't figure out what the problem is. Is anyone else having this issue, or have you had this issue before, and know how to fix it? I have also logged in on some of my alt accounts, and they are having no problems.
  2. Hello, i purchased something as a gift to a friend (this friend was sitting on the couch next to me at the time) He recieved the notification of delivery, and selected 'accept' But the item never ended up in his inventory, it is nowhere to be found. It shows in my order history that it was delivered, and i have been charged for it, but my frend never recieved it, and it does not show up in their transactions.
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