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  1. Looks great cant wait, and so easy to update. Will finially get all my things up in the market looks like ;-) Any idea when about looking like fully done? Guess will have to upload the Lindon lab viewer see if is there. Eventually hopefully comes to firestorm as well.
  2. Find a Help island, they usually have low lag and inventory will load faster if having problems.
  3. I have a 46" LED Tv and 32" LCD tv the LED blows the LCD away. I also have a projector and works great, although it will depend on the quality of the projector and what conections you are useing. But any hd projector really should work fine as long as your display resolution is correct.
  4. Has nothing to do with settings did a fresh install and happens to me still. Is on the server or LL side or in the codeing firestorm. Method I took was delete all files, then a cc clean and glary utilities. Updated all flash and all then did a reinstall. still happening.
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