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  1. Actually you deal with the patients. You could be a reporter. Mayor, have a lost animal, activist, and many more. The school has avatars for you to use during the simulation. Actors are forbidden to swear or have off color profiles. Your guided as to the way or questions to ask. This is all seen through a catastrophe. The drs are visiting from another state. So actors need emotions etc.
  2. Yes for a educational institution. A highly respected one at that. If you need help getting voice to work..I may be able to help you.
  3. Actors need every other week. Must have working voice. You will be "patients" and different people for an active simulation of drs. You will have to adlib and be creative. This simulation runs every other week... for years. You will be directed by one of the drs. You will have the opportunity to meet with and see class in action before accepting. If interested instant message to Xandi Mars or leave me a note card. Payment is immediate after actor for that day. You can also leave a message here...I will be notified. Any age, male or female, foreign is fine with basic English.
  4. Actors for working every other week in SL. Must has voice, good connection, and graphic's. Clean profile nothing nasty or showy. Hide clubs that promote or encourage sexual adventures. Male, female any ethics. Must speak English but some foreign language a plus. Any age. No cursing. Your given a script or condition of the events and are encourage to adlib with emotions and a clear voice. This simulation has been going for several years. It is a professional environment. Good attitude. Any violations will not be tolerated and a ban will be implemented. We provide all c
  5. 1/2 private island for rent. Please Instant message me in world Xandi Mars. 30,000 a month! Great deal. I am willing to negotiate.
  6. I was a builder of it... one of many. I am pretty sure they are gone. If you have questions please contact me in world
  7. Rent a whole island ... do what you want, terraform rent out part of it .. i dont care... rent is around 53 to 54000 a month depending on the lindex. change ground textures ... have fun!! Rent is around 200. usd a month! its by itself no islands next to it... http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Del%20Sol/128/128/35 contact xandi mars, or sandi petunia
  8. Full sim, terraform, rent it do what ever you want only 14000. lindens per week or 54000 lindens a month Contact Xandi Mars or Sandi Petunia for information etc
  9. Full island for rent. It will be totally vacant on July 9th. Rent is 200usd a month. You can pay with lindens approx 53000 per month The island is in a private area with no touching islands. Contact Xandi Mars if interested
  10. I have found that happens when the gender of your avatar is not correct, or corrupt. Try to open your inventory find a shirt or pants and ...right click and wear them. Then give it a min and hold down Control Alt and press R
  11. You could contact me and i could tell you about some classes, specific nursing classes being taught in Second Life, Regards, Xandi Mars
  12. So your first 3d enviroment was Lincoln Logs, mine too!
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