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  1. 1/2 private island for rent. Please Instant message me in world Xandi Mars. 30,000 a month! Great deal. I am willing to negotiate.
  2. I was a builder of it... one of many. I am pretty sure they are gone. If you have questions please contact me in world
  3. Rent a whole island ... do what you want, terraform rent out part of it .. i dont care... rent is around 53 to 54000 a month depending on the lindex. change ground textures ... have fun!! Rent is around 200. usd a month! its by itself no islands next to it... http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Del%20Sol/128/128/35 contact xandi mars, or sandi petunia
  4. Full sim, terraform, rent it do what ever you want only 14000. lindens per week or 54000 lindens a month Contact Xandi Mars or Sandi Petunia for information etc
  5. Full island for rent. It will be totally vacant on July 9th. Rent is 200usd a month. You can pay with lindens approx 53000 per month The island is in a private area with no touching islands. Contact Xandi Mars if interested
  6. I have found that happens when the gender of your avatar is not correct, or corrupt. Try to open your inventory find a shirt or pants and ...right click and wear them. Then give it a min and hold down Control Alt and press R
  7. You could contact me and i could tell you about some classes, specific nursing classes being taught in Second Life, Regards, Xandi Mars
  8. So your first 3d enviroment was Lincoln Logs, mine too!
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