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  6. 2 minutes ago, Callum Meriman said:

    Then I can only wish you a Merry Christmas and hope that you can both find a way to overcome your demons. Just as so many of us have.

    Be well Serenity. And to Steffi too.

    If you had you would not be involving yourself with people that do not want your help or involvement

  7. Just now, SteffiiSugabum said:

    What you mean sock puppets? Lol... omg if you're saying we're the same person LOL no. If you want we will happily voice verify at the same time. Move our avatars around at the same time as we talk lol. I'm younger then Sere, we met in SL. My first ever account was actually queenbswag which you can find. I with people I trust have actually been on cam and voice. You can see my RL pic aswell on 1st life. 

    Agreed, i will voice verify too. As it is almost 8am on christmas morning i am on lumiya afk finishing some last min stuff before going to my families so it will need to be later tonight. If your about steff would that be ok? Same, i reveal my rl and me usually to those close to me. I don't mind clearing up accusations up though

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  8. 5 minutes ago, Callum Meriman said:

    Then I will accept she is your sister and you have come to her defense. Although, when you added your words to Bliss' in the thread which predates this one

    You were clearly not helping her, because look how she has been hurt here!!!

    Look, my wish is genuine, as was my desire to help her from the start, which has earnt me bitten fingers from both of you for you for no reason.

    I hope this festive season helps you both heal and find a bit of happiness in this sad life of abuse and hatred that we all suffer in.

    Obviously you havent read my post, she is not my sister so go accuse and investigate better with your intent to harass us both. I will always help her in this forums case she is not the one that is in need of any help. So keep trying to paint your lies. Shows the whole of sl what your like. Neither i or Steffi want any help of the trolls on this thread. We so not need it. We have know who we are and how our own compasses point. Neither of us want your help either. 

  9. Just now, Callum Meriman said:

    Serenity/Steffi... and Bliss...

    Calm down, enjoy Christmas for what it is. A time to spend with your beloved family and friends and to count your blessings.


    I wish you all the best for the season and I hope that your coming year is one filled with happiness and HEALING.

    Then calm yourself down with the trolling your accusing me of being steffi which i am not. Your not even bothering taking the time to read my previous post your just instantly flaming again. 

  10. 27 minutes ago, Selene Gregoire said:

    Good effing grief. Get off your high horse. Nothing you said here is the truth. But I'm sure you'll find some way to twist this post around as an attack on you and/or Steffi. 

    I don't need to justify myself to you or anyone else. You do not know more about me than I know about myself. In fact, you know nothing at all about me. Which shows just how judgmental you are based on nothing more than a handful of paragraphs that spoke a message you (and Steffi) completely misunderstood. I help people. every. day. I just don't mollycoddle them the way you would have me do. Mollycoddling does NOT help. It hinders. You may think I don't know wtf I am talking about. You couldn't be more wrong.

    Life isn’t easy, but that’s why you have to be tough, why you have to be bigger than your feelings. Don't be the vocal minority that found a good cause to take too far in search of a meaningful pursuit. You are causing more harm than doing good.

    So your allowed to speak your truth and only it? Yeah keep trying to bs. 

  11. 1 minute ago, Roxy Couturier said:

    You need to re-read the MP guidelines. The keyword there is 'depictions', as in pictures. as a word, 'rape' is allowed, as long as the picture doesn't depict said rape.

    As for the first sentence, it was another poster on the 'ban rape (fantasy) sims' bandwagon, in fact the OP I believe.

    Basically, search is one of the tools you can use to prevent yourself from encountering those types of sims. If you eliminate the term from SL search, then you would run into the problem of encountering such RP without warning when you land on the sim. Also, some -other- word would become the euphemism for rape in search such as 'forced' or 'violated'. it wouldn't go away.

    If reading the word is too much for you, I gently caution that perhaps you aren't ready for a fully adult SL.

    It still comes up regardless of items name or description or lands

  12. 6 minutes ago, LittleMe Jewell said:

    It was me and I still do not agree that it should be banned in SL. We cannot let ourselves be victimized over and over again simply because of something that we see online.  Not learning how to handle our triggers and protect ourselves from more emotional trauma is letting the perpetrator win - and I'll be damned if I let that bast**d win.

    A bit of research will show you that people really do engage in Fantasy Rape Play in RL.  Are you asking to make it illegal in RL?  Because a true rape is an abhorrent crime.  If it isn't going to be illegal in RL, then why would you ask that it be banned online?  Simply because you ran into it here and haven't yet accidentally stumbled upon someone acting it out in RL?

    So purposely going an finding someones land on sl after disliking her posts are for what purpose. Just letting you know i seen you near her land. 

    LL needs to bann it if they have banned it in some form they need to fully.

    In letting it happen in sl as a BS RP is letting someone know in their psyche and subconsiously that it is ok to do.

    It has happened i have heard of it. Children that grew up on sl or found a way to by pass into adult content under the age of 16 and when they were irl they did it. It is still a crime. 

    Rape is not a roleplay or kink, anyone that says otherwise or acted it out is devoid of humanity or morals.


  13. 14 minutes ago, Selene Gregoire said:

    You are so far off base you've left the Milky Way. Every thing you have said in this post is nothing more than deflecting bullcrap.

    For someone who is so upset by my posts you sure have replied to them all. Here, allow me to put an end to your charade. All you have to do is mouse over my user name over there <------<<< and click on Ignore User. 

    Come talk to me when you are ready to learn just how the cow bit the cabbage and how you can overcome all that baggage you're dragging around. Seriously. You are only hurting yourself doing this. Stop it.


    Your talking about your own posts. Because your the one treating this as a contest. Steffi has talked perfect sense and she treats others with the dignity and respect they deserve until otherwise. You obviously need help in over coming yours as your using it as a way to dangle over others in a one up manship. So you stop it. Your the one acting an agressor and trying to act like the abuse you have took is so much different then what others have. 

  14. 44 minutes ago, Selene Gregoire said:

    Well. So much for muting me.

    You have no right to tell me I have no right to freedom of speech. You have no right to twist every thing I say so that it no longer means what it originally meant. That is uncalled for.

    Respect? Respect is earned, not just frivolously given way.

    I never claimed you directed anything at me. YOU decided I did when it never happened. That is uncalled for.

    Mute me for real this time and don't unmute me until you stop twisting what other people say to suit your need to be a victim. In other words, get over yourself.  You don't have a monopoly on being raped and suffering because of it. I've had to pay that price for decades. Come back and talk to me when YOU have lived with it for more than 40 years. I've had to live with it for 45 years.

    You have no right to try play yourself a victim of another victim. We all have bad we have gone through. It does not give you the right to become an agressor and try make it a pathetic competition. Respect is a given till someone shows otherwise. You treat others with how you'd like to be treated. If not then it is not one way for you and one for another. She never told you you didn't you made it all about you and tried to silence her in victim competition. So stop trying to portray yourself an what you have been through as more important then what someone else has been through. It Is Not a Competition. So get over yourself. What you lived with 40 years of it?? Again making what you have been through different to what someone else has been through. You wanna talk about years? Ok soo you wanna go on about years. OK.. both mine and steffs top the amount of years you have been through. YOU have no empathy or understanding instead of trying to show that or kindness to someone thats still struggling through it you would think your years you have gone through it would show you a way to help others and have a bit more thought since you know.. You have been there an all. Grow up, the only one that has tried to make a manopoly out of it is you. Get over yourself seriously. Start using your own experiences of what you have been through to try lighten up someone elses life instead of tearing it down. 

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  15. 1 hour ago, Callum Meriman said:

    You can't wrap the world in cotton wool to avoid your triggers.

    You need to be an adult and come up with your own coping strategies.

    You need to have some empathy and understanding to survivors. If this was you or someone close to you i bet you would be whistleing a different tune.. don't say you wouldn't as if it was you mother, daughter, wife or sister or a close friend i am sure in reality you would back track. So carry on flaming/trolling the fact is rape is very real in real life and in a Virtual world too. Roleplaying it is sick and it is not a kink. So someone wants rough play in a consensual bdsm or commited relationship that is not rape. The whole idealsm of setting up a scene to rp is it sick and it is still saying rape is ok. When it is not. You's have done nothing but attack and troll and turn on people that have been or known someone that has gone through it. That shows yours mentality it also shows theres no empathy in understanding. Some may decide not to use there voice an still disagree with it. We choose to use our voice. It is not your voice over ours. Get it? You wanna have all the speech and say and bash others for speaking up too. No thats not ok and that is forcing your opinion at someone. Stating a view is not but when your purposely flaming and crituqueing someones post for your own gain in flaming is and its arguing for arguments sake. Its christmas eve or christmas day in most places. We all got better places to be and better ways to spend our energy. In the word of Mark Manson. We only have a limited about of F's we give in life. Make them worth it and relevent. For you and how you live if you choose to not to raise awareness or not use your voice thats on you. For those that are, quit getting at them. You can't be your way and expect them to change and conform to you.. A lot of people when they have been through bad stuff raise awareness and do advocate to help others who are and have been going through. Imagine if the world suddenly said Shhhhhhh all criminal acts are ok. What would the world and us as human beings amount too? SL is a virtual world played in reality by real people. In Real Life, The Real world... In Portraying it in Either a virtual reality or real life is still acting out on it. It is still doing it and condoning it. If you do not like our view.. Move on. You won't change peoples opinions or views when they are based on real life experience and humanity knowing the difference of whats right and wrong. 


    "Maturity is what happens when one learns to only give a F about what’s truly F worthy. " -  Mark Manson, The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck: A Counterintuitive Approach to Living a Good Life (Quote)

  16. 36 minutes ago, AyelaNewLife said:

    The only person in this thread forcing their opinion down someone else's throat is you. You do not have to visit sims that are targeted towards this sort of roleplay; I certainly don't. But that's not enough for you, you are now trying to insist that everyone else conforms to your wishes, rather than just leaving. Please stop.

    Did i say i visited them, no i never stated either and for the matter i do not and never believed in it. Maybe when you can comprehend why people feel so strongly against it then you will maybe see differently. I guess you or no one you know has been through.. keep trying to preach and normalize it.. it will never be ok. 

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  17. 6 hours ago, chibiusa Ling said:

    Good luck getting LL to put a stop to it Serenity. The adult community is a huge draw for a lot of people to actually play SL. The fact they CAN act out their fantasies regardless of what they are in this environment is the reason thousands of players log in each day. I think the point that people are trying to make though is that....rape is the act of one person forcing another, through means of threats, violence or physical force, to have sex with them. In that sense what goes on SL isn't rape, has never been rape and will never be rape. What is acted out in SL is actually a consensual role play arrangement and transference of power between two consenting adults. One of which wants to feel the....thrill??....of forcibly dominating and sexually degrading?? someone without the pesky legal issues that surely accompany such actions and the other wants to feel the...thrill??...of being forcibly dominated, degraded and so on and so forth etc etc *insert risk free statements here*.

    Do I find it a bit odd that people have rape fantasies...sure....you can fantasise all you want but the reality compared to the fantasy are two completely different things and even the most rape fantasy obsessed individual will find themselves screaming for help in the real life scenario. But I learnt a long time ago that there is no point in getting yourself wound up over the goings on in the adult side of SL, there are things happening over there that make standard rape role-play look like a picnic with Jesus. If you don't like it, do what I do....stay away from those areas. I seldom go near the adult side of SL as i'm not in SL for that reason.

    The last time I went near the adult side of SL was when I did what I called a "Sexual Weirdo Safari" about 18 months ago and went exploring it to see what actually happened over there.

    Most memorable moment was a hyper overweight futa in full black latex with gigantic boobs with spinning spirals over the nipples, wearing a pig mask, pulling along no less than 6 naked slaves on leashes.

    Most disgusted moment was walking into what claimed to be a standard normal sex sim to find a full grown 40 year old male avatar having sex with child avatar. Needless to say much reporting happened before leaving very quickly.

    I now stay away from adult SL....do the same if its not your cup of tea...

    Don't tell other people what to do everyone is entitled to have a voice

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  18. 8 hours ago, Bliss Rembrandt said:

    I am disgusted by the rape play that I've seen in Second Life. Why does most of the adult role play in Second Life involve men who are insecure about their manhood intimidating, overpowering and humiliating women. This is not sex. This is rape. This is not ok. 

    I have ideas for things I want to do in Second Life. If anyone is interested historic role play that is not rape-oriented, and is not about degrading women, let me know. I'm a beginner at role play. I'm interested in adult and mature stuff. I want to learn how to design clothes and objects. I don't like rape.



    I am glad your raising awareness‚ô°

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  19. There is a different to forcing your opinion down someones throat which is what is happening when someone voices an opinion thats been effected by it yeaah go bash the survivor an say shes forcing her morals on people. You will find i am not what i am actually saying any sane people knows right from wrong and rape is wrong. End off

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  20. Rape is Rape, It is not a kink or roleplay and it is sickening regardless of sl or real life. Rape is not in someones imagination only someone having no clue in dealing with it or not had it happen would say that. Rape is very real and anyone acting it out should be ashamed of themselves. It shows you the mentality and its probably same people in sl that get a sick kick out of doing it rl. Just stop. Don't justify it. It is beyond vile and disgusting

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