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  1. Come on down to Glow Indie Bar & Lounge Were we will be having a fun PJ Party @ Time 2pm SLT! Slip on your Comfy Slippers & Your Snug PJ's As we chill out to the best tunes second life has to offer! With our DJ Sere & Our Host. Don't worry, We have the Marsh mellows and Hot Chocolate! & We do share! Feel free to bring your own munchies! So Snuggle On Down To Glow! Genre Mashup/Rock (http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/StormWind/156/35/24)
  2. Come on down to Glow Indie Bar & Lounge Were we will be celebrating A Formal Affair @ Time 12PM (Noon) DJ Sere & Host Jesse, Black Tie is not optional, It is a must! Wither that be a Formal Gown or Cocktail Dress or Elegant Pantsuit, a Tuxedo or Smart Suit and Tie. Come and join for a spectacular evening, As we dance to the best tunes second life has to offer! Genre Upbeat Pop/Mashup (http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/StormWind/156/35/24)
  3. Host: Jesse DJ: Sere Genre: Mashup/Rock/Metal/Pop Are you Single and Looking? Looking to make new friends, or taken and want to hook up a friend? We welcome you to find that special someone, that best friend or more with our Traffic Light Party! Have fun, and party whilst finding your date! Dress Code: 🚦 Green if you are single and looking. 🚦 Amber if you are single but just looking to make friends. 🚦 Red if you are taken and just wish to make friends. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/StormWind/180/25/4002
  4. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/StormWind/171/13/25 ЩĦØ: Dj Steamray ЩĦƐŋ: 5:00 PM slt ЩĦΛҬ: Trap,EDM party mixes Streaming LIVE! come on and enjoy the music! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/StormWind/171/13/25
  5. DJ Steamy Spins his music covering a variety of Soft rock, 80s,90s, glam,new wave @ 5:30 PM SLT Contest Prize: L$1000 -Vista Animations- Gift Card Ever made yourself a Funny Resolution? Maybe even been told one by your friend, lover that you found so funny? Come share! It will be read out for you during the Event! As you party away, the more Resolutions had, the more fun! Have laugh as you dance tonight. The highest vote for funniest, wins a L$1000 Vista Animations Gift Card! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/StormWind/
  6. Glow Indie Bar & Lounge Welcomes you to It's Firework Display featuring DJ Sere and Host Jesse @ 2:15pm till 5:15pm Party in the beer garden tonight, or even the pool to dance to our blasted music from DJ (Name Here) along with our firework display! Genre: (Mix of Rock/Metal/Mashup) http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/StormWind/146/28/24
  7. Welcome 2019! with DJ Steamy! Hey! Happy New Year! come on down to Glow Indie Bar & Lounge and Party with us and our fabulous DJ Steamy as she spins his tunes and his genre is house edm, You think the holidays are over? No they just getting started! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/StormWind/170/23/24
  8. If you had you would not be involving yourself with people that do not want your help or involvement
  9. Agreed, i will voice verify too. As it is almost 8am on christmas morning i am on lumiya afk finishing some last min stuff before going to my families so it will need to be later tonight. If your about steff would that be ok? Same, i reveal my rl and me usually to those close to me. I don't mind clearing up accusations up though
  10. Obviously you havent read my post, she is not my sister so go accuse and investigate better with your intent to harass us both. I will always help her in this forums case she is not the one that is in need of any help. So keep trying to paint your lies. Shows the whole of sl what your like. Neither i or Steffi want any help of the trolls on this thread. We so not need it. We have know who we are and how our own compasses point. Neither of us want your help either.
  11. Then calm yourself down with the trolling your accusing me of being steffi which i am not. Your not even bothering taking the time to read my previous post your just instantly flaming again.
  12. So purposely going an finding someones land on sl after disliking her posts are for what purpose. Just letting you know i seen you near her land. LL needs to bann it if they have banned it in some form they need to fully. In letting it happen in sl as a BS RP is letting someone know in their psyche and subconsiously that it is ok to do. It has happened i have heard of it. Children that grew up on sl or found a way to by pass into adult content under the age of 16 and when they were irl they did it. It is still a crime. Rape is not a roleplay or kink, anyone that says otherwise or acted it out is devoid of humanity or morals.
  13. Your talking about your own posts. Because your the one treating this as a contest. Steffi has talked perfect sense and she treats others with the dignity and respect they deserve until otherwise. You obviously need help in over coming yours as your using it as a way to dangle over others in a one up manship. So you stop it. Your the one acting an agressor and trying to act like the abuse you have took is so much different then what others have.
  14. You have no right to try play yourself a victim of another victim. We all have bad we have gone through. It does not give you the right to become an agressor and try make it a pathetic competition. Respect is a given till someone shows otherwise. You treat others with how you'd like to be treated. If not then it is not one way for you and one for another. She never told you you didn't you made it all about you and tried to silence her in victim competition. So stop trying to portray yourself an what you have been through as more important then what someone else has been through. It Is Not a Competition. So get over yourself. What you lived with 40 years of it?? Again making what you have been through different to what someone else has been through. You wanna talk about years? Ok soo you wanna go on about years. OK.. both mine and steffs top the amount of years you have been through. YOU have no empathy or understanding instead of trying to show that or kindness to someone thats still struggling through it you would think your years you have gone through it would show you a way to help others and have a bit more thought since you know.. You have been there an all. Grow up, the only one that has tried to make a manopoly out of it is you. Get over yourself seriously. Start using your own experiences of what you have been through to try lighten up someone elses life instead of tearing it down.
  15. You need to have some empathy and understanding to survivors. If this was you or someone close to you i bet you would be whistleing a different tune.. don't say you wouldn't as if it was you mother, daughter, wife or sister or a close friend i am sure in reality you would back track. So carry on flaming/trolling the fact is rape is very real in real life and in a Virtual world too. Roleplaying it is sick and it is not a kink. So someone wants rough play in a consensual bdsm or commited relationship that is not rape. The whole idealsm of setting up a scene to rp is it sick and it is still saying rape is ok. When it is not. You's have done nothing but attack and troll and turn on people that have been or known someone that has gone through it. That shows yours mentality it also shows theres no empathy in understanding. Some may decide not to use there voice an still disagree with it. We choose to use our voice. It is not your voice over ours. Get it? You wanna have all the speech and say and bash others for speaking up too. No thats not ok and that is forcing your opinion at someone. Stating a view is not but when your purposely flaming and crituqueing someones post for your own gain in flaming is and its arguing for arguments sake. Its christmas eve or christmas day in most places. We all got better places to be and better ways to spend our energy. In the word of Mark Manson. We only have a limited about of F's we give in life. Make them worth it and relevent. For you and how you live if you choose to not to raise awareness or not use your voice thats on you. For those that are, quit getting at them. You can't be your way and expect them to change and conform to you.. A lot of people when they have been through bad stuff raise awareness and do advocate to help others who are and have been going through. Imagine if the world suddenly said Shhhhhhh all criminal acts are ok. What would the world and us as human beings amount too? SL is a virtual world played in reality by real people. In Real Life, The Real world... In Portraying it in Either a virtual reality or real life is still acting out on it. It is still doing it and condoning it. If you do not like our view.. Move on. You won't change peoples opinions or views when they are based on real life experience and humanity knowing the difference of whats right and wrong. "Maturity is what happens when one learns to only give a F about what’s truly F worthy. " - Mark Manson, The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck: A Counterintuitive Approach to Living a Good Life (Quote)
  16. Did i say i visited them, no i never stated either and for the matter i do not and never believed in it. Maybe when you can comprehend why people feel so strongly against it then you will maybe see differently. I guess you or no one you know has been through.. keep trying to preach and normalize it.. it will never be ok.
  17. There is a different to forcing your opinion down someones throat which is what is happening when someone voices an opinion thats been effected by it yeaah go bash the survivor an say shes forcing her morals on people. You will find i am not what i am actually saying any sane people knows right from wrong and rape is wrong. End off
  18. Rape is Rape, It is not a kink or roleplay and it is sickening regardless of sl or real life. Rape is not in someones imagination only someone having no clue in dealing with it or not had it happen would say that. Rape is very real and anyone acting it out should be ashamed of themselves. It shows you the mentality and its probably same people in sl that get a sick kick out of doing it rl. Just stop. Don't justify it. It is beyond vile and disgusting
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