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  1. Smiling...thanks for that good explanation...and the lecture ))...I`m a primmy person most of the time . I have ventured into Blender ...I was mainly curious about Mesh
  2. I too am totally new to Mesh. With a sculpty you rez a prim > change it to sculpty default form > add a UV map = object But what on earth do you do with a Mesh?. I have `blindly` bought a mesh version of a furniture item and am searching the web for help, as I was told they are not made as you would a sculpt item. This thread is the nearest I have found but basics not explained
  3. Thank you Treacle for a truly moving story...makes you think! Being blessed in my own life despite finding it difficult to come out of a bereavement of quite a few years, I must admit I tend to think others are similarly blessed. I`m wrong! Having said that, without SL I doubt I would have coped as well as I have done or am doing
  4. Thank you Peewee I do appreciate your help very much
  5. I posted re the problem I`m having ie I can log into SL but cannot stay longer than 1.5 mins and someone advised that its the Router that is causing the problem..I have just come off a long phonecall with my ISP who has provided the router. They cant help me unless I can provide the settings that SL uses...having these they can then alter the router settings Where on earth do I get these from...putting a ticket into SL is not very helpful as they are selective it seems to me on which problem they will help with I feel as though I`m hitting my head on a brick wall...can anyone help please
  6. Thanks very much Peewee...cant tell you how much I`m impressed withis THIS forum
  7. Peewee You FOUND a solution . I`ve been tearing my hair out over this with no help from anywhere worth having...is there a router you can reccommend?
  8. Hello Peewee ( hope I`m using this site correctly). I was VERY interested in your reply and wonder if you would elaborate
  9. Think I have clicked the solution button when I haven`t got a solution....hope Peewee can get back to me
  10. Firstly...you`re the first person who has come up with something positive and I thank you for that........and yes I believe it is that Router...although it says N150 on the box lid....is there a solution Peewee
  11. I can log OK into SL but after 1.5 mins ( I`ve timed it) I get logged out. Any ideas as to what is causing this?
  12. 1. a side of a building disappeared to my partner but I could see it. ...this happened on 2 occasions 2. I rezzed some Display boards we had made....next thing..prims mounted on these display boards disappeared and at the same time a large window nearby disappeared......following day they reappeared 3. Another wall disappeared and an item of furniture which again reappeared the following day I was beginning to query what was going on...Initially we thought the prims had been accidently zapped but in the last 2 instances the prims were still there as I couldn`t walk in the area We have a Homestead Could anyone hazard a guess as to what is going on please
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