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  1. I don't really care who is behind the avatar until I get to know them and then age still does not matter (most of the time) SL is a fantasy world where you can be almost anything you want - so when you have the keys to the sweet shop why stick to marshmallows! One thing I will say if you try to make yourself as good looking as possible then its difficult to stand out. But I have found that those avatar do a little different that differs from the media norm of beautiful, successful people and go for older, fatter etc tend to be more interesting. Something along the lines of - you can look perfect so why don't you ? - already some mystery to be solved. Whereas the supermodels are all hair make style and often no substance. I for one am 44 in RL but my avatar is a perfect 20-30 - what can I say ? Clearly I am not interesting and just think about hair and make up ..........
  2. One trick I learnt - which saves trying to find land to rez your object on. Wear it - then when you see the object on your avatar (a box or bag or sometimes a huge Bill Board) Right click on it and select edit. In the edit popup dialog you have a contents tab which lists the contents of your object inside a folder called contents I then drag the contents folder to an empty folder in my inventory It will copy/move all the contents of the object to that directory - which you can rename to whatever you want Now you can wear/use the items that your object contained at will Not found a downside to this technique yet and not found anywhere I cannot do it Julius
  3. Turns out that it was the bleeding obvious that was the problem DOH! Not wearing both aspects of the weapon - as soon as I did and draw - I see the weapon in may hand Again thanks to all Julius
  4. A big Thanks to all who replied so quickly I think is the obvious I am missing and although I can't try it right now - I suspect I am not wearing both instances of the weapon (holstered and drawn) I am just trying to wear one or the other (I think - sounds right to me). I believe now that the weapon defaults to holstered such that when I wear the drawn instance it is invisible until I activate the draw animation which I don't believe I am doing correctly. Will confirm later today - again thanks for all your input Julius
  5. Hello, I don't gameplay weapons on SL - just use them for RP (and clearly not very often) but I have the following issue. When a weapon is holstered or in a scabbard then I see it - but as soon as I draw it (put it in my hand) it becomes invisible in my hand. It appears as an invisible prim - I don't have many weapons (about 6 ish) and all but a single pistol do this. Can't help thinking I have missed something obvious but all my searches come up empty, so I am hoping you guys can help. I have tried to use these in a variety of places including my Linden home and on different viewers. I have not done any exhaustive tests yet because I hoping that you guys know the answer :) Any feedback will be most appreciated :)
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