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  1. I am in need of some information on setting up a tip board/jar that is connected to the Susan G. Komen Foundation for Breast Cancer Research. I already checked their website and found nothing, I figured others in SL would know how I would go about doing this. Thank you in advance! Donni
  2. I got that message loud and clear earlier. All prints but those that are MINE have been deactivated. I'm looking at this a cheap lesson. I will not be making the same mistake again.
  3. he wasn't looking for an original print he thought it was an actual car that he could drive around SL. I clearly stated in the description that it was a print not a 3D car. Donni <3
  4. He left the review before I received the notecard asking for the refund. Yes his fault for not reading and mine for giving in. To me it's not about winning or losing, it's about doing the right thing. even when the customer is clearly wrong, the old adage still applies of "the customer is always right." He can keep his 20L and I gained a whole new outlook to using and selling on MP. Thanks for responses everyone, all were very insightful. Donni<3
  5. Head says it is the right thing but my gut said I should have said no. Anyway it was a lesson learned on my part and since as one person has stated, I don't own the artwork so all of it is being removed to stop this from happening again. A cheap but valuable lesson learned.
  6. I see your point. My mistake..but ok for him to leave two bad reviews for not being able to read properly. I totally get it.
  7. I never said it was my work. I guess what I am trying to get at is this person did it twice. I try to be fair. I lost not just the 20L he paid but there is the commission too. Maybe to some that might not be much but for some that could be the difference in making a profit for the month to being in the red.
  8. I received 2 negative reviews by a buyer because he/she failed to read the description of the item before buying. Said person bought two pictures of classic cars that I have on Market Place. Said person ASSUMED that they were buying an actual car since they collect and drive them. I then received a notecard inworld asking for a refund of their Lindens, when it states in my shop information that there are no refunds. I gave the person back their Lindens even though I felt it was their fault for the mistake not mine but I really did not want to deal with a "whiny" customer. So I guess what I want to know is did I do the right thing and take a loss or should I have kept the money and mute them if they became a bother? Donni<3
  9. Thank you for the help, I'll give it a try
  10. I am having problem with my magic box syncing with my online store. I have hit synchronize several times but I still have product missing and it is losing product that had been listed for months. This is getting to be bothersome as it is happening practically every time I want to list new products. I do reset my magic box and the problem still occurs and I cannot load yet to merchant outbox. Help!!! Side Note: I have rest the Magic box 8 times now and tried synchronizing with Market Place...my unassociated inventory count keeps dropping and the amount of inventory being removed from active listings is increasing. Getting disgusted and ready to pull my shop off of Market Place. Donni
  11. As you said Customer Service is important. I would never buy from a merchant that was arrogantly rude. In fact I would add them to my list of "Do Not Shop Here" and hand it out. A simple no would have sufficed. I am more willing to work out an agreement than just give no for an answer, but that is just me.
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