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  1. Actually they put it there for a very short time and then removed it though you are right it hasn't officially been announced by a Linden as being there.
  2. @Matto Destiny I guess that is why they took it off the download list they found bugs right off and must be repairing it to replace it as soon as possible. @everyone else Hopefully they will get it back for us to download soon.
  3. "After you download the Mesh Project Viewer and log in to Aditi, you can then experiment with mesh without impacting your regular SL account." - Jack Linden As far as that reads to me is it won't cost to try this during the Beta though it also means they work won't be saved to the servers other then temporarialy on Aditi so if you get something you like done in Mesh keep the file on your hard drive incase they decide to take it to full functionalitty on the main servers
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