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  1. does anyone know why people can't see me dancing, or using furniture? i have had two people so far who have had issues when using couples dances, but the second one said she couldn't see me sitting on furniture OR during couples dances, so i asked around and no one could see me dancing (at a club) so we went back to my house and used the hybrid dance ball (same as they had at the club) and still couldn't see me, so we tried sitting on furnture there and same. but i log into an alt, and my alts work perfectly. with that said YES i tried turning my AO off. YES i re-baked, yes
  2. nevermind, i re-installed the drivers a 3rd time and that worked. sorry to waste pixels
  3. i just updated my video card to an RTX 3070 and firestorm and singularity both have issues, citing that either my drivers weren't installed correctly (they were), are out of date (they aren't), or the hardware is unsupported. seems kind of ridiculous that the card wouldn't be supported, but, any ideas?
  4. it helped me out tonight..... previous answers in this thread did not.
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