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  1. Hi- not sure I understood you. You left me a conotation. Is there a set up fee for this region or do you know this region and wanting to sell it?
  2. Hello... I am hiring a DJ who is versatile when it comes to music genre for a masquerade club. It's 2 nights a week on weekends and 2 hours a day, This is a paid position plus you keep the tips you earn. Please, send NC to Crimson242 Stripe or Megan Prumier. Thank you...
  3. Wow!!! This is nice.
  4. hi... you can stay at my other parcel while yu are looking for a roomamte. I'm barely there. crimson242 stipe
  5. Hi... Is the homestead still avaiable? Please, let me know. Thank you, Crimson242 Stipe
  6. Nice, image reflection...Image reflected wrong angle though- but not noticeable...Background image is really cool. I would like to visit that sim if it's open for public...
  7. Wow, nice warm color, and yet soft. - like Monet's paiting... Alwyas love those flowers from forest feast. Great Pic...
  8. This was probably taken earlier the opening, becuase there were 130 people showed up. Party was great . Skye was amazing, and so as Engrama. Featured artist were amazing, Ariel Brearly and Fingers Scintella. Great Party....
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