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  1. Hi there, I'm Henri DeCuir, owner and designer of DeCuir Creations Fireworks and the Celebration Sim. I have a lot of space on the Celebration sim set aside for my fireworks displays, and I'm interested in converting some of it into an outdoor nightclub. The sim is always set to night (for the fireworks :)) and has a good amount of traffic for fireworks, and I always get requests from paying and non-paying customers alike to give them more spaces to enjoy music and watch the fireworks and dance the night away. Seems like the perfect place to launch a new place to party. Plus, come on, it's in our sim's name! 🙂 So I'm looking for somebody who is interested in running their own nightclub in Second Life, but hasn't been able to afford the land to do so. I'll cover the land costs in a central spot on Celebration, and you'll get to keep all the tips and other revenue you make from running the club. It's a great deal for the right person - you get all upside and no downside or costs, and if you put the effort in, the upside is virtually unlimited! I've been running DeCuir Creations for 13 years this month; so you can have faith that we aren't going anywhere! Serious inquiries only, please. I'll be looking for somebody with experience in SL and preferably experience or at least demonstrated interest in SL party hosting, DJ'ing, performing, or finding folks who will do that. I'll want you to share your vision of what the nightclub will be like too. Email me if you're interested! Thanks, - Henri
  2. DeCuir Creations is looking for a professional SL landscaper to build out a new park around our storefront on the Celebration sim. There's about 27k sq m of land available. Please contact HenriDeCuir@gmail.com with your thoughts and LMs to your best portfolios and I'll respond quickly. Thanks, - Henri DeCuir
  3. Do you have great ideas but don't want to work for somebody else? Don't have the cash to get your own event planning space up and running? Here's your solution: use our space! The Celebration sim, home to the leading Second Life fireworks provider, DeCuir Creations, is available for an event planner to take charge and host events in our newly rennovated public spaces. Ample open park space, already decorated with gazebos, picnic tables, fire pits, and dance floors, is available! What do you get to do? You get to run your own event business right out of our sim. You can set your own prices, get your own customers, and decide what sort of events to run and how to run them. You won't owe us rent, we'll just ask that you contribute a small percentage of profit back to the sim so we can keep developing. If this sounds good, please contact Henri DeCuir in-world or at henridecuir@gmail.com with a short description of your relevant experience (either SL or RL) and thoughts!
  4. For once, I can't agree more with Prokofy. Please post PMLF numbers and provide definition to the "economic participation" statistic. This entire post has no real useful information otherwise.
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