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  1. Sorry Alwin that didn't answer my question, is there a way to transfer all the item into the alt's marketplace without having to open each item to make full perm to send to alt, do you see what i'm saying ?
  2. So do I take them of the original market place first, then relist with alt and what are the procedures to do that ?
  3. I want to open second market place store, I was told to create an alt, I did now how do I trans fer to her the market place items that are already on market place, without having to rebuild ?
  4. Can an avatar have more than one marketplace if they are owner of 2 different store and group names. If yes how do I do that ?
  5. I am having this same problem, with friends list and groups, it is frustrating not to be able to use the contact list. I hope someone has a solution.
  6. If you have not found some one, I like to do things like that. mariska Fotherington
  7. how do I change the no mesh to mesh button, mine does not click over
  8. how do I make full perm mesh clothes with myslef as creator, I bought a full perm dress and textured it, but now how do I make me the creator, or does it have to stay the same creator ?
  9. I want to give lindens in a gift for a wedding present , how can i do this ?
  10. I love my pyshics boobs , but when i put on a mesh top or dress the pop in and out of the mesh , how can i stop this with out taking of the boobs i have , i love the bounce...
  11. i already uninstalled and reistalled , i also updated my drives , but it is still happening , i even did sytem restore to earlier date.... HELP Please ? Thank-you I also had to delete the roaming file also in the same area that you sent me too. Now i am up and running again.... :)
  12. I was wondering if you can have a flexi path in a sculpted prim and how do you do it ?
  13. I am still also waiting for the same thing , with my first ticket to them i got 2 items delivered and the remaining items still stay in limbo....
  14. Hello , I was wondering if more prims can be added to homestead property for an extra cost ?
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