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  1. Have never seen this notification before, I don't see it in the knowledge base. Could someone tell me what this means. I Lease the land, there are plenty of free prims (the object I am rezzing is only 2 prim and not scripted. It is actually something that I made to wear and I am trying to put it on my attachment ppoint when I get this message. It is just a sphere and a cylinder that fits my leg. Thanks for the help...:smileyhappy:
  2. This has happened to me on two occasions. Both times involved rezzing an object and it did not show up in world. I waited just over a day and the items came back in my inventory (sl magic I guess). I suggest that you wait one day and check for it again, if that does nothing you can try contacting the Creator sometimes thay will understand and help you out and if they say there is nothing they can do, at least it was worth a try.:matte-motes-tongue:
  3. I believe that the old names, when they were first, last names .. were availabe for a period of time and then retired. I have seen some avatars with the last name of DeCuir and some with Mertel that I think were about 6 years old (avatar age). Just wondering if anyone remembers or even has a last name that is older still? Haha .. I have seen that person Imnogoing Sideways!:matte-motes-big-grin-evil: How very fun and interesting this is to read, I read all of your posts and there is some great history and I can tell by some of your answers a little bit of a trip down memory lane. I read your link Rolig .. that was very informative thank you. Thanks for the fun times.:heart:
  4. I filed a ticket on failed delivery, the failed delivery was on the 8th. I filed the ticket on the 10th. So far LL have just given me no help and have now (since the 17th) stopped answering my comments / questions in the ticket. The item cost 2000L$ and that, to me, is not just some small amount. Since filing a ticket seems to do nothing, is there something or someone else at LL you can contact when the "hired help" doesn't seem to be able to help?
  5. On 3/8/2013 Purchased a 2000L$ item from marketplace. Did not get it and no refund after 8 hours so tried contact the Creator. She said LL did not pay her the money so she could do nothing. Read the BLOG on problems with Market Place and on 3/10/31 Filed a ticket. I filed it early because of store policies of no redelivery if you wait more than 48 hours to ask for one. LL respopned and said they cannot refund my money while status of order is "Pending Delivery". I reopened the case and said it is pending because LL has not paid the creator yet. LL responded and said again the are still working on the problem (this was 3/14/2013) and that again they cannot refund while order is pending. I reopened the case and said again that it is pending because they won't give my money to the creator. Seems like as long as LL keeps my money, the order will remain pending and I will never get the item or the money back. Any suggestions on what to do next? Totally disgusted with this
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