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  1. Just IM someone without fear and try to make a conversation of something interesting.
  2. It's hard to avoid necro posting when someone new comes to SL forums and find interesing posts from some years ago... Yeah locking the posts should be the fix
  3. I lost my main account long time ago because they didn't want to help me out to recover it. I just forgot my password and they blocked my account for suspicous activity.. lol
  4. Once you get used to controls and you get all setup, i'ts not that hard!, you should try.
  5. It's probably because their viewer is outdated. And your using BoM
  6. O simplemente con un ordenador mas potente, en general.
  7. The dog is the best friend of the human, they say. Im looking for someone to be friends, I want an owner, I dont mind the gender or SL age (RL +18 of course). No sexual play. I want to share my time with someone who wants to be my owner, someone to follow and give company, to roleplay with. I can join another roleplay, like a medieval one, or a post apocaliptic.. whatever. Im playful and active. I also can join a family. IM me if you want to!.
  8. I really need some Tips to earn money, since i want an expensive avatar, (The new TWI Wolf), and since it is 3000 lindens, i would like to learn some tips to make money inworld. Any idea? Thanks!
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