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  1. A few of the problems I have with V2 have not been addressed here. I haven't used V2 in a long time, so please excuse me if some of these gripes are out-of-date... 1. As I recall, when scripting, I had a hard time positioning my cursor when making changes. I'd click on line 25 and my cursor ends up on line 24. Clicking 3-4 times just to properly place the cursor every time is a detriment to flow and creativity. I sure hope they fixed that. 2. I do a lot of streaming videos I host on my own server space. Almost everybody I know that is using V2 (and the other TPVs) cannot view these videos. If they can view them, it takes a looooong time for the video to begin and usually stops in the middle and replays from the beginning. I need a viewer that can easily view video streams (not talking about shared-media - just a land video stream, and yes, they're optimized for streaming, etc). People on V1 have no problem seeing my videos. If I'm wrong in this assumption due to my small "focus group", please let me know what these people are doing wrong that makes land-streamed videos not work. 3. Although I'm a MacEvangelist from the early days, I'm still using OSX version 10.4.11 (for various reasons), it's my understanding that OS 10.4 is not supported in V2 anymore. So there's that too. One of the biggest problems I have, is helping people; "Okay I'll try to help. What viewer are you using? Bob's Budget Viewer V48.232.91 you say? Hmmmmm... let me think... uh, ...does that one have a file menu?"
  2. Thanks Ella - I added my one angry little vote. grrrrr.
  3. Now, why does this post show up in the "RECENTLY ANSWERED" section (somewhere) on this blog/forum/whatever? Is that normal?
  4. Apparently the "New Products" forum is down/eliminated/whatevah. I saw a New Products (feed) listed - um... somewhere (can't find it again in this confusing new mess), but apparently I cannot create new discussion  threads there, and there seems to be zero posts . I honestly don't have the time to read every hyperventilating Chicken Little blog post concerning SL, so maybe I've missed something. If a notice was posted somewhere, please point me to it, so I can help others.
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