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  1. A few of the problems I have with V2 have not been addressed here. I haven't used V2 in a long time, so please excuse me if some of these gripes are out-of-date... 1. As I recall, when scripting, I had a hard time positioning my cursor when making changes. I'd click on line 25 and my cursor ends up on line 24. Clicking 3-4 times just to properly place the cursor every time is a detriment to flow and creativity. I sure hope they fixed that. 2. I do a lot of streaming videos I host on my own server space. Almost everybody I know that is using V2 (and the other TPVs) cannot view these videos. I
  2. Thanks Ella - I added my one angry little vote. grrrrr.
  3. Now, why does this post show up in the "RECENTLY ANSWERED" section (somewhere) on this blog/forum/whatever? Is that normal?
  4. Apparently the "New Products" forum is down/eliminated/whatevah. I saw a New Products (feed) listed - um... somewhere (can't find it again in this confusing new mess), but apparently I cannot create new discussion  threads there, and there seems to be zero posts . I honestly don't have the time to read every hyperventilating Chicken Little blog post concerning SL, so maybe I've missed something. If a notice was posted somewhere, please point me to it, so I can help others.
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