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  1. Wow... I just walked in the door and logged and there was a trailer! Not thrilled with the location, but it was so fun to get one!
  2. holy cow.... how could they be gone so quickly! I refreshed over and over and never saw any of them!
  3. Holy cow... how can I miss everything every time!! LOL my refresh abilities stink!
  4. I am amazed at all the houses and houseboats people see going by and I have not seen anything yet! Been refreshing for 3 hours now!
  5. I have never seen anything popup and have been on for hours at a time. I guess my timing is just bad!
  6. Wow you guys are good...I have never seen anything close to the new homes! Just the same old 4.
  7. do most people use auto refresh to see the houses? My refresh takes a bit to load. Then I hit the 10 times limit!
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