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  1. Hi All - I swore I would never get these things, but because I have a shape that is non mod whose face I love and use all the time, but has a very flat chest, I finally caved and bought a pair of lolas today. HOWEVER, I wanted to resize them down considerably...I'm not here to have giant boobies in sl, just bigger ones than I have with this current shape. In the directions she (Jacqueline Hotshot) says "Click right mouse button (RMB), and hit (Edit my anatomy) to open the avatar edition dialog of your viewer. In the torso tab, you can modify the cleavage, size and height of your Lolas...Now, with the new Lolas Tango™ delicq you can modify parameters like the size, cleavage, height, among many others, and customize your breasts using directly the "Edit Anatomy" sliders on the Second Life® viewer." Well, I use the Firestorm Viewer, not the SL Viewer - and I've right-clicked on the lolas, and that menu does not come up...yes, the other menu comes over (cover, nipples, etc.) when I left-click, but there's nothing that is allowing me to re-size these puppies, and I'm wondering if I've just spent major money for something I don't like...they are way too big right now. Can you help? I'm totally flummoxed! :matte-motes-sour: Thanks! Skye (McLeod) Fairywren
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