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  1. TODAY, IT'S ALWAYS THE ***** ON MARKETPLACE. NOW WE CAN PURCHASE, BUT ***** IN DELIVERY. DON'T BUY AS GIFT. I PURCHASED 5 ITEMS FOR ME AND 5 SAME ITEMS AS GIFT FOR A FRIEND. I RECEIVED ALL THE ITEMS AND MY FRIEND NOTHING. To know, before in a previous purchase on marketplace, before to be blocked with the message "So sorry to keep you waiting. We'll be right back!", same configuration, 5 items for me and 5 items as gift for a friend, all items gone to my friend and nothing to me. At this day, SL don't soluce the problem, to give me this products, and now to give products to my friend. As products are no transfert, it's a true problem. Support say, it's not our problem, it's marketplace team, and this team continue to do *****.
  2. Well, the 19 January, i bought 10 items, 5 for me and the sames for a friend as gift, so 10 items in my card. I check out my card, no problem. But in delivrery, my friend received 10 items, 5 items which i must received, more the 5 items as gift, and me none. I opened a first ticket for this problem, the 19 January. Since this day, when i try to checkout news items in my card, i receive a terrible message "So sorry to keep you waiting. We''ll be right back !" and "We've been notified about this issue and we'll a look at it shortly" and ... NOTHING. I opened a second ticket about this last problem which i think, it's linked with the first, So not possible to buy again anything on marketplace. (Tickets are #1299703 and #1300342)
  3. Well i rent a land and i build a snifer to find all objects on group of parcels under the same owner or group, on a sim. I get two problems, first come from SL. Explanation ... On my land,when i do about the land i get 807 prims used on 1250 ... Why not. But when i want to get prims used by every owner i get ... Person 1 : 543 Person 2 : 185 Person 3 : 77 Person 4 : 11 Person 5 : 6 Person 6 : 1 Total = 823 How explain 16 prims between 807 and 823 and that without script just SL command ????:!!!!! No explanation on SL about that. Second problem, my snifer say "Nbr Owners = 6, Nbr Objects = 199, Nbr Prims = 799". My snifer use 7 prims, so 799 + 7 = 806 prims, so 1 prim in more into SL result. I searched ... And I get a very interessing thing. About one object, directly under edit command, i get 7 prims used (Same object at other space give 6 prims used). With script command llGetObjectDetails(ValKey,[OBJECT_NAME,OBJECT_POS,OBJECT_PRIM_EQUIVALENCE]), i get 6 prims used for this object ???? Now, not sure about value returned by SL's functions, and in fact by SL values returned in viewer. Perhaps someone has explanation about that and help me.
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