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  1. We moved regions because we thought there was an issue while our land owners regions were moving to the Cloud. We had constant problems teleporting back to our region and at times could not log in at our land/home. Our land owners said nothing was wrong with region and maybe we had a griefer. We did not give that much thought till it just started in our new region we have been with for approximately 3 weeks. Yesterday my wife kicked an avatar that kept changing avatar shapes and clothes...only 1 day old. When asked by my wife and finally our sl mother to relocate while changing clothes (business area) both received no response. My wife ejected the avatar. Since this happened, the same is happening just like our last land...we cannot log into our region or teleport back. We had a falling out with some people and believe they may be the ones causing the issues. The problem is they use so many alts. I was told people can leave prims causing griefing issues. We have notified LL and trying to contact our land owners as its been 24 hours since we keep getting told there may be a connection problem, please check your connection or firewall. Is there a way to find out if it is a griefer and if so how to detect it from happening again. Any other suggestions would be truly helpful. Thank you.
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