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  1. 33 minutes ago, Nick0678 said:

    Yes such quotes are nice and cool but if war was to happen (and i was married), i would take my wife and move to another country where both of us would be safe. Nations can go jump in the river cause if you die none of that really matters, there's no replay. 

    Everybody used to say such stuff even Adolf H.


    They all had to get it somewhere I guess.. They took everything else.. hehehe

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  2. I remember the first time ever reading this and then sitting there for the longest time just letting my mind go on this ride of just how deep it really is.. It's stuck with me ever since, but I bet I didn't get off the bed for well over an hour and it never really left me that day.. I was like high on it or something.. I just know that I really did a lot of deep thinking that day..

    "A nation is not conquered
    Until the hearts of its women are on the ground.
    Then it is finished,
    No matter how brave its warriors
    Or how strong their weapons."

    Cheyenne proverb


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  3. Diatomaceous Earth works really good on just about any bugs in the house..

    You just have to make sure to  put it in places that they go but you can't..

    Like we did behind all our outlets and switches and under trim and things like that.. Plus I go around the house every spring and dust the foundation and the ground outside.. Just have to make sure to wear a mask and eye protection, because it's ok to eat, but breathing it is not good to do.

    It gets on the critters exoskeletons and causes them to dry out once it sticks to them from walking across it..

    Our old orkin man used to use it for spiders back in my really bad freakout days where I had to have an orkin man.. hehehehe

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  4. 9 minutes ago, Nick0678 said:

    I am sure they are surprised but those are just silly a**holes.

    (When it comes to personal protection, practicing martial arts is also a good idea, usually a fight doesn't last long so it's good to know how to react.)



    If she hits him in the stomach rather than the gut, he would drop to the ground gasping for air..

    He knows it's coming though, So he 's gonna tighten up some for it.. hehehe

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  5. 7 hours ago, Orwar said:

       Hm, I skimmed past an article a while back that claimed that coulrophobia had surpassed arachnophobia as the 'most common phobia'. Though depending on the definition of phobia, I kind of think plain old social phobia is the most common one. At least here, a clinical phobia is one which is somehow detrimental to your everyday life - not wanting to cosy up with a big old spider isn't the same as not wanting to leave your house in the morning because you're afraid you'll be assaulted by spiders if you do. Although, I suppose if one were to live in Aussieland ..

       Personally I don't really mind spiders, as long as they aren't scooting around my room (although I do quite like them being around to kill other crawlies). Though I wouldn't likely want to pick up a random spider to try tickling or nuzzling it. Still, they can be pretty amazing to look at from a comfortable distance!


    Myself , I don't consider my fear of certain spiders to be a phobia, but more a reality..

    Soon as I see one, the whole rest of everything in the world goes on pause until I kill it. Then since I seen one it refreshes all those precautions that I would take to make sure the kids never got hurt by one..

    I used to be really bad, like staying up all night cleaning the house from top to bottom.. double sided tape over the kids beds to stop anything from walking over their beds, plus putting it around the legs of the beds.. Shaking their beds down before I would let them on them.

    I have everyone in the house to where they check their shoes and boots before putting them on as well as their clothes.

    I have a whole routine before getting in the shower.. I pull the shower curtain open real fast and give it a quick look to make sure nothing drops on the floor or is on the outside of the curtain.. then I slap the curtain a bunch of times to knock off any critter that might still be hanging on.. Then pull the curtain back enough to get the shower going so if something did fall or was on the other side, it's getting hit and washed down the drain.. All this is after I have give the walls and ceiling and under the vanity and everywhere, a good look over..

    I have old flat bottom sneakers strategically placed all over the house, just in case I notice a spot on the floor or the wall or the ceiling that I never noticed before..

    I can spot something pretty freaking small from across the room with my peripheral vision..

    There are a lot of things that just became regular normal routine just because of these certain spiders.. It's not really because of what they would do to me, but the fact that I just can't stand the thought of one of my boys getting bitten..

    I'm not as bad as I used to be.. Before, It was an obsession that lasted a few years. Now I just pretty much call them a name.. You little bastage!! Take that!! SMASH!

    I used to be so bad that one time I seen one go under a desk, Couldn't find it anywhere, so I tore the desk apart and burned it in the yard.. I took it apart piece by piece and dragged each piece outside after doing a check around the desk in case it trying to make a getaway.. OMG! My husband was so pissed off. hehehe

  6. 1 hour ago, Porphyry Kimono said:

    Hey, @AnnabelleApocalypse-- I saw that you gave up the Kahlene Analexa body because you didn't find support for it, by which I take you to mean clothes.

    Well, I have been using Analexa for a while and find that nearly all Maitreya clothes and shoes fit just fine. The only problematic ones have been SOME panties which come off as overlarge and floating above the body.  But only a few are like that. When you consider the ocean of available clothes for Maitreya, it makes Analexa a much more viable option.

    Also, because of BOM, you can wear the old system-style lingerie.


    They were referring to other creators private bits support for that body..

  7. On 10/24/2021 at 5:35 AM, AnnabelleApocalypse said:

    Ok so......wear them both, bend over, then put the A into a pose. You should then see what I mean. the wider you go, the more "oh no!". :D

    I'm just gonna take your word for it.. hehehe

    I really don't like wearing that  thing, let alone getting right up in there inspecting and all that.. hehehe

    It being two different creators, they would probably have to collaborate to get it fixed..

  8. Here is something that if they catch me off guard will have me jumping out of my skin.. They are a beautiful bug to see, once I settle down from coming across one..

    This is like the toughest bug around here that nothing will mess with..

    Frogs are about the only thing that will eat them, then spit them back out, then they are off and running again, because they don't die after the frog eats them.. hehehe

    The Red Velvet Ant, which is actually a wasp, but without wings.. People step on them and still don't kill them on the first try.. I've seen someone step on one and it get back up and take off running again.. took like three times to really kill it.. I don't kill them though.. They kill the stuff that really scares me.. Glad they are on my side!! \o/

    Oh, and the stinger on them is like really long, About as long as a stinger gets..


  9. 20 minutes ago, Rowan Amore said:

    Centipedes.  Don't mind spiders or snakes or much of anything else.1407640250_R(34).jpeg.d787e99349681fc89d20f410d4086c5e.jpeg


    I remember picking one of those up one time, not sure if it is the same kind as in the picture or not.. But when it bit me it felt like I got shocked.. hehehe

    Either that or they can shock you and it wasn't a bite at all.. hehehe

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  10. 12 hours ago, AnnabelleApocalypse said:

    Yes, distinct possibility. I am actually messing around with my own textures at the moment to see if I can theoretically fix it myself.

    Yeah I figured out the Slink stuff in posts above, but thank you :)

    I already own The V, but (and I hope I don't get us moved to the adult section for this, lol) I find on the Maitreya body at least, The V does not mix well with the.....um....lets call it "Sensations A". I hope you all know what I mean :) Which (IMHO) is the A to own at the moment and not something a discerning trans girl should be caught without. VAW? Pft. GARBAGE!

    But unfortunately, the A and the P dont play well together. The P has an elongated bit of mesh on the back of it that kinda.......pokes into the A. It all looks rather pointy and uncomfortable and there is no way to hide it. Kinda funny to look at though.

    I dont expect anyone to help me with this issue btw, I dont think its fixable. I just wanted to get it off my chest because it annoys me. So. Freaking. Much. lol They are both great individually, but you cant wear them together.

    Sessions - in the unlikely event someone working there reads this - make a dang booty already! 

    Sorry, derailing my own thread to tank my forum reputation even further :)

    I took a look at the demoes of the V and the A and I think I found what the problem is..

    When you put the A into hide/tuck mode the V pokes through.. That hide mode or tuck mode is meant for when wearing clothes so it won't poke through clothes.

    When it was out of tuck mode it wouldn't do it, well unless I was spread like an eagle.. But then I doubt he'd be looking down there at that time anyways.. hehehehe

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  11. 8 minutes ago, Orwar said:

       That reminds me of the time I'd been out drinking with some friends and got on the night bus home, and promptly fell asleep. I came to at some point and just hopped off the bus, I recognised the name of the village (my family lived there until I was around 2), and I figured 'it can't be that far - Uppland (my home province) is only so big! (12,813 square kilometres ..)'. So I decided to start walking back along the road figuring I'd be home within an hour or so. 

       Two hours later and I was nowhere near close to home.

       Mind, it was late autumn, there was frost on the fields, and it was far away enough from the city that it was pitch black. So, I decided to stop at the next bus stop and just sit down and wait for the morning bus as I was much too tired to keep walking. When I arrived at the next bus stop I found the bench had been kicked to bits, but there was a church just next to it so I figured I could go sit on something around that instead. Just as I made it past the cemetery gates, a deep, diabolical laughter echoed over the fields. I almost soiled myself. So I quickly scurried back out onto the parking lot, and ended up spending the next few hours trotting around it to keep warm, and every so often that laugh would echo over the fields.

       The morning bus finally arrived and I could get on it, find that it wasn't that far to get back home (if only I'd walked for another hour or so). So I stumble through the door around seven in the morning, my mum is up making her morning coffee and is surprised that I wasn't already at home. I just briefly tell her what happened and go to bed.

       When I woke up a few hours later my mother told me that she'd figured out what that laughter was - she actually knew some people in that village who reared fallow deer, just through the woods around the church, and their rutting call .. Well .. 


    I love taking people into the mountains that have never been there before.. At night  every sound that pops up, and thier eyes about pop out of their sockets..

    Snap a stick and it's like deer caught in headlights. hehehe

    That night time super hearing in the woods doesn't really kick  in until it gets quiet and you can hear every little thing.. hehehe

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  12. The kissing bug and two kinds of spiders, which I'm not gonna say which ones.. Because every time I say their names, I come across them..

    All three can mess you up.

    As far as ghosts or monsters or horror movies and things.. I'm not really scared of things I don't believe in..

    When I'm in the woods or pretty much anywhere I have my guns, which I have permit  to carry.. So if some poor sucker wants to try and snatch me.. He better be a lot more sneaky than I am alert, because I know how to use'em.. hehehe

  13. If you are using the second life viewer, you can click on the chat icon at the bottom of your screen and pop open the chat and move it around to anywhere on your screen..

    If you are on the firestorm viewer, the chat button is called conversation button and is next to where you enter chat text.. Click that and it will open the chat window for you..


    In the bottom right of either of those chat windows there is a spot in the corner that you can grab and expand the chat window to either wider or narrower or taller or shorter..

    There was a way to change the chat to classic chat , but I can't remember how to do that anymore.. I have been on firestorm viewer for so long.. hehehe


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  14. 3 hours ago, Rowan Amore said:

    Not a guy but I rarely cam that close down there when engaged in any adult activities either.  I've never noticed any seam but I also stopped wearing any extra parts.  My guess is it's those that create a seam.

    If you put on an older skin that was made before mesh bodies, you can really notice it.

    it's the template seams.. I put on one of my older system body skins and it's easy to see where the lines are.. you can even see the rest of the lines, like in the arms and hands and outside lines on the legs..

    My current skin is pretty seamless, but my guess is that there is so much going on  in the crotchilation area from shading and lighting to bumps and lines coming together in that one spot, that it's probably something that can't be avoided..

    If the subject never came up I would have never noticed them..I had to really go looking for them to find them, so they aren't something that i would say are noticeable really..

    Compared to older skins, the skins I have tried on today trying to notice it, are really improved over the older before mesh skins that I have.


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  15. That seam line is a skin seam line more than likely.. I can see the same line on all my bodies from my skin ,even when I switch over to system body..

    I've got reborn, both legacy, Kalhene erika, Maitreya, All the Bellezas,Lucy,.. I decided to stop after running through those since it was showing up every time.

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  16. On 10/21/2021 at 8:54 AM, Arielle Popstar said:

    2008 and after saw a housing price crash that made them much more affordable. Question is whether the current price increases is a speculative bubble or a longer term trend. If long term trend then wages are going to need to increase to make housing affordable to new home buyers because at todays rates, those young families looking to get their own home are not going to be able to.

    2008 there was also a different problem after the crash that made it more difficult to get a home.. Before the crash people only needed things like 6 months of good credit.. They were practically pushing people into loans, doing about anything to make the loan happen, and buyers making promises to themselves that they couldn't keep.. 3 car loans and a house later.. Not to forget how easy it was for people to get credit cards that ended up with the users juggling from one to another to pay the minimum while they used them to borrow from peter to pay paul..I remember a zillion different credit cards for stores..  hehehe

    After the crash,one of the things you had to have was, you had to have squeaky clean credit for years before they would consider a loan..

    I can't count how many people I knew that were doing debt consolidation or bankruptcy after the crash. Hit so hard that they were taking loans out each week on their paychecks doing check to cash just to get their check before payday, and then paying the guy interest on their own paycheck. So when you go in to give the guy your check, you have to bring the fee as well..

    Then there are the places I called loan shark companies that will borrow people anywhere from hundreds of dollars to thousands.. then put them on weekly payments..miss a payment and they have you for a long time hit with crazy interest. Talk about a trap.

    People that were living high on the credit hog back then, were looking for jobs because they were scarce and places to rent because they couldn't buy one on credit anymore. Where right now it's more the opposite.. plenty of jobs , no place to rent.

    A few reasons prices are up today is because of reasons that sellers would increase the prices..Things like lower interest rates, Government subsidies, building material prices causing construction cost to go up, trends in buyers..

    Where 2008 was the result of one of the largest greedy cluster F's ever that pretty much most from all levels had a part in the blame, from buyers to lenders to investment banks.. This is a different scenario today..

    I remember people back then being so cocky with huge egos and saying things like, Cash is so last decade, omg you don't have a credit card! o0.. All while they didn't own a thing, but  they had plenty of stuff on paper they were paying off, acting like they owned it all.

    Sooo much cringe..

    In my area, the prices have been going up for the past few years because of so many coming from out of state.. As of two years ago, you can't find a place to rent other than an apartment around here.. We bought a second home in town few years ago as an investment for under 100k.. It's market value right now is over 160k and still going up.. This is in a small town, nothing fancy of a house either.. 3 bedroom, 1 bath ranch, about as basic as it gets..

    Since covid hit and people have been crammed up in their living spaces, there has been an increase from people just wanting to get out of overcrowded cities and overcrowded suburbs and apartments and into homes in much less cramped areas..

    Honestly I think that trend has been going on a couple years before Covid, because our area lit up fast, but Covid helped boost it even more..

    There is a good concoction of things going on in the current market that I don't think we'll see a bubble burst or anything like that, but probably will drop and level out.

    Interest rates are going to start to go back up when inflation hits us a bit harder.. We may start to see a drop kick in around then..Also someone is going to end up filling the jobs at some point that is causing so much demand in so many areas right now.. When that happens prices on many things may start to drop as well.. Things kick other things off  and start the push in directions..

    This is more natural market things happening right now, where 2008 was something that was going to come to a head and blow sooner or later and leave so many bodies laying around hurting, because it was pure scam.

    I think I remember hearing something like only like 40 people went to jail from that whole thing too..The sacrificial lambs probably.. When really,there should have been a culling of those crooks back then..

    If there was ever anyone I wanted to see  jump out of a window, it was those bastages getting away with it all..

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  17. 9 hours ago, Jordan Whitt said:

    My fav go-to eye places are Avi-Glam and Ikon.  You can use the mesh eye option where you wear them and then have to adjust to fit your head, or use the applier option which works with the eyes that come with the head.  If the pack doesn't have Lelutka appliers, grab the Omega System Kit for LeLutka and then all you need to do is follow the instructions and remember to wear it every time you use Omega eye appliers to add eye textures.

    Avi-Glam Always has something I like for just about ever time I change things up.:)

  18. I won the attendance lotto at work this week, so I get the weekend off this week.. So I'm gonna lay down and watch some fun movies and relax, since I don't have to get up to an alarm tonight.. hehehe

    I'm starting with this one, because it's such a funny movie that is very re-watchable..

    Get Hard..


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