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  1. Getting error unable to connect, check network and or password. Nothing has changed at all
  2. [Posted 7:01am PST, 08 January 2012] We are aware that some residents may be experiencing issues logging in world as well as with some web based services (marketplace, land store, and billing services). We are working on resolving the issues and will post an update as we have more information.
  3. In need of a script that will allow the reading of a notecard (config file), and then access the groups a AV is in, and if the AV has this group then not allow them entrance to that parcel/region/area. Not sure if this can be done or not. Thanks in advance for any help
  4. I would suggest, as the others here, spending time is indeed probably the best thing. But, look into TenderLove. Good Luck
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