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  1. great, thanks for putting that in. 


    btw, we don't want 'votes' anymore, but if you're interested you can 'watch' it, which will give you an update any time the jira is changed or commented on.



  2. You know what?

    I'll give you an amen to that.

    We want everyone to be on a modern (read: mesh enabled) viewer, building and buying things that are more efficient and better looking, therefore continuing to make the grid an interesting place. 


  3. I've heard you, and we're working on something. We (LindenLab) want to offer the support creators and merchants need to be successful in adopting the features we think will make SL more and more compelling, engaging, and just freakin cool.

    Btw, nearly 30% of all regions on the grid have mesh objects rezzed on them, and about 70% all users log in with a mesh enabled viewer on a given day. All the metrics are trending up and we hope folks who frequent this forum will continue to make the great content that is driving that usage.




  4. lol, I haven't been accused of being 'techie' in years.

    I have spoken to those mysterious things called customers. I've even been a customer who has been baffled by some feature implemented by a creator. I haven't stood in the shoes of a merchant. I sadly lack the creative talent most of you creators seem to possess, although I've created a bunch of stuff and am painfully aware of most of the 'rough spots' in our build tools and pipelines.

    Please continue to publicize mesh adoption, and send me the links - or post them to the forum if you think others may benefit from your methods.

    I know what we need, I hear you and I am investigating possibilities to support you.



  5. Pushit, please create a JIRA and then either attach an example file that repros for you (a simple example that you know shows the problem), or send me your avatar in-world.



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  6. I think that build may have failed but not in a way that the system recognized; I noticed that the newest (248445) reports failed for windows. Obviously that happens sometimes with dev builds, but I don't know when today we'd have it fixed.

    I think the fix should still be in the one from Wednesday (http://automated-builds-secondlife-com.s3.amazonaws.com/hg/repo/viewer-development-shining-fixes/rev/248340/index.html) if you want try that.



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