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  1. I have to ask,cause others probably wondering also.I was disappointed by the eggs I saw that got picked,though 1 or 2 were ok. 1)Who were the judges?Since choosing is over do we get to know names?How and when were the judges chosen? 2)How exactly were eggs picked for top 12?Were they given over 300 eggs,were they laid out somewhere,did they meet together as each were laid out? 3)Will there be a place to see all other entries,either another sim,or pics on website?
  2. That helps.I'm just used to a bit more details,so I don't get disqualified for something that was implied and not written.Thanks
  3. Are there prim or size limits?Are glow,shine,lights allowed?Can alts enter egg?There's not much in the rules to go by on making them.
  4. If you're under 2000,should be an ok ARC.Higher than 5000,then you're pushing it.Some female outfits can hit 10000-20000,and some weapon/magic systems will bring you to 50000 or more.High prim attatchments and flexi attatchments are the main cause of high rendering.Only problem is,one person lowering it in a area with 20+ ppl with high rendering doesn't do anything,so might as well look good,lol.It is a base number,and not a real lag determiner.Usually better comps with higher end cpu and gpu will not notice it much at all,but lower end ones will.Sometimes it's insane amount of scripts on a sim or the server causing the issues,so not much oyu can do yourself,except leave the sim. A few things to do are goto network tab and turn up both cache and bandwidth sliders,so you don't have to recache textures all the time,and get alot more speed to rez.Dropping draw distance to 64,and turning off water reflections,particles,and atmospheric shaders helps even more.Also make sure there's no antialiasing enabled or anisotropic filtering enabled in your hardware options button in graphics tab.
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