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  1. Whew! What an exhausting day. :matte-motes-wink-tongue: But now, finally, not only can I log in to Second Life --- I can teleport all over the place, discovering what great properties I can't afford!
  2. Oh, Ceka, that video is hilarious! :smileyvery-happy: Thanks for sharing!
  3. O. M. G. I am certain there is a correlation between how much I want to be in Second Life right now and how unable I am to be there. WHAT is going on with this SL maintenance gig?!
  4. Well, there is a small comfort in knowing that it wasn't something *I* did, or because I have a wireless connection, or ... any of the numerous other reasons I was having trouble TPing out of the house I'd accidentally landed in while flying around looking at different properties! (sigh) But SecondLife Interruptus always leaves one feeling so .... unfulfilled and wanting more......
  5. I am so frustrated with Second Life right now! A few days ago I tried to update my payment method information by adding current credit card info. I was able to add the new information, but unable to delete the old or use the new info to buy Lindens. All of the icons are greyed-out and non-functional. The "help" button leads to a page that is no longer available. I sent an e-mail to support/billing, but got a return message saying the e-mail could not be delivered to that address. I don't understand why a business based on people spending lots of money makes it so difficult. This delay has ruined one of the aspects of Second Life I had currently been enjoying, participating in the breedable animals phenomenon. Unable to purchase more Lindens, I was also unable to purchase more 'food' and now all of those animals are 'sick.' A good lesson and lots of money saved, I suppose. I'm moments away from deleting my Second Life account.
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