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  1. I've noticed some strange behavior with textured meshes, an issue I had ended up being actually the texture I was using.(I had exported a .png) when I re-uploaded the .tga copy it was much better on the object in SL. also make sure there is only a single uv layout for the mesh. -w
  2. Ah thanks Ms. Clary good tip for the reset, will save some time
  3. Delete the .slm file of the same name that was generated from the previous import to clear the setting for the uploader, also did you check to see if the mesh had the armature modifier? does the mesh follow the rig if you move it in pose mode? -w
  4. I've done a couple mesh buildings so far and there are some really nice benefits to building it 100% in blender both technically and artistically. I'll go ahead ang give some tips even if you don't want em or have already heard this stuff a million times: 1.Use a seperate ultra low poly proxy object for the physics 2.Use multiple materials for inside and outside for example 3.Unwrap it well so the textures look great in SL, an AO bake can do alot for the process 4.Keep it modular, think of parts that could be reused and instanced (copied) in SL ie window frames, upload as seperate objects to reduce the overhead.
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