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  1. I don't think these morons know what the hell they are doing. How many restarts do we have to go through in a damn day. I got work to do. Shouldn't they have a region that can be a test region before they do this?
  2. I disagree, I only belong one group per store that i shop at. I am also a club owner with one group and i have a family group. My bf has a family group and i still run out of groups. For those of us that work and shop at different stores that require a tag to get the discounts we run out of groups. For the spaming deactivate the notes and you will not get spam. I also employe several dj's that work at more than one club and they are also asking me to send them a tag when they dj. It could be an option for those of us who will like more groups. 42 is not enough when you run your sl like a rl and have to have the groups to stay informed and run our enterpises too.
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