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  1. Yes this is what I needed to know! Thank you so much for your time. I appreciate it 100%!
  2. I am still very confused and tried to look for the information before posting this question. I didn't see anything that helped. It says premium benifits will be lost. I am assuming that means I don't get the free house, the weekly linden allowance yada yada yada. Then is says That if I reupgrade at a later date I will gain whatever benifits are in effect at the time. And original premium benefits will not be restored??? What I think I know or understand: My benifits will stop completely until I start re upgrade again. I need to know: When I reupgrade Will I get my weekly allowance and free linden house back? What confuses me: Is original benefits what I got before?...the free home and weekly lindens. (and probably other stuff that I don't really care too much about.)? Because for some reason the way its worded is sounds a little confusing. If everyone else got it then I guess I'm just slow. But that wording is highly confusing to me to be frank. I need to know soon because I will be downgrading in less than two days. in hopes to reupgrade later.
  3. Thank you thank you very much! and this youtuber knows her stuff!
  4. Oh awesome! thank you! Lastly...this just popped up. Will I ever be able to export buildings from SL to blender? I have an example of what i made in prims in-world so now i want to take that into blender so I can have a good enough ref for dimensions and size
  5. Ok also. can you resize a home once you get it in SL? like you can do with normal prims?
  6. So it will be my first time doing it and I'm pretty ok in blender. I read around that it would be easier to load up the house in parts. Does that simply mean each wall separately or all walls as one entity? As we'll as floors and roofs etc. Also are there any other things I should know? Like is it hard to texture a blender home within SL?
  7. Hi, the name is Xoe. I've recently got back on Second Life and it looks like it's better than ever. But my funds are low and I need to make a living here if I want to stay. Are you in need of an artist? Maybe you are trying to get an anime RP experience off the ground and need as much "weeaboo" things as possible. (Says the weeaboo). I would like to be your artist. If you happen to have an anime "school" setting then I would love to work on art for that for you. I can do other art such as graphic design. Maybe you need a sign to catch the customers eyes? I'm sure we can work out something. Normally I am exclusive to only one company or person. But depending on the job I can be open to others as well. We can negotiate payment and payment options once we meet up. Here are some samples of my work [Gothic Gal] || [Surfer In Blue] || [Moonlight Agents] || [Water Lilli Kisune] || [School Mood] Please if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask them!
  8. With the right people that could be awesome~ I like the idea. I just dont have the money ..or the know how to do anything in SL yet..
  9. I have heard of Neo Tokyo and bladerunner...are there any others a Neko (or rather a human and animl spliced being) can get into? Please list as many as you want. the more the merrier.
  10. For those that might be getting started in game Stores/Shops or just want to decorate your pad. Im here to do that for you! I will not charge for every pictured done. And we can sort out the payment plan later. My specialties are Rave, A little Dark, Cuteness, Sci-fi, and Nekos. I don't do symbols like crosses and the star of david (circle with a star inside) Here are some samples of my work! [DarkAlien Weapons Master] || [Protective Light] || [Punker Red] || [Prom Blues] If you need background with your pictures I can do that too. I'm just not in the habit of doing them XD. If you know some one that needs an AnimeArtist then please refer them to this thread. Thank you!
  11. Awesome just need some buddies to hangout with that know the ropes. You can meet me hear: Home of the BraveHeart SoulRaiders
  12. Awesome. It doesn't matter what anime you like as long as you like anime . We won't bee chatting too much about it or anything. It just lets me know we have something in common!
  13. Im everyone! Im looking for some one Show me the ropes, and to hang with. I think the only requirement for that is he/she has to like anime. Thats the only thing I really care about. If you don't know what that is I can still be around ya. Its not a priority or anything. But its nice to have something in common, no? If you are interested please tell me where you would like to meet up in game!
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