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  1. hey thanks for the help but no its not showing up by typing worn in inventory ...nor does it show up in highlight..
  2. Ok understand your cofusion first off. the Viewer is V 1.23...next I well tp to another site but I was hoping to make clear that the snow began when I received the thing at a place called the forest ...I later tp'd to my home where the snow followed me...I then went to a third sim and it followed me there as well
  3. ok the thing is attached to me...i was given it by a friend at the forest...I since tp back to my home ...where its still snowing...I've taken everything off including my hair... this sucker whatever it is is persistent
  4. thanks for your advice but its not showing up as being worn on me...i don't know how its is that its attached to me but it is
  5.      Here is the problem a friend gave me this thing called wearable snow  generator ...its works great snow appears coming from the sky...however I can't turn it off when I right click on it it doesn't show I'm wearing it...so I can take it off....any suggestions ..tried stop animations on my avi...tried shutting down and restarting ...thanks for your help
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