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  1. Heard from a Linden Labs Employee Nuff said. I didnt say "I" was saying it, just saying that's what I had heard. So before you morons jump on the troll wagon, pay attention. Oh wait, this is why I don't play SL much anymore, or talk to people on the forums, because noone knows how to read, or pay attention anymore.
  2. So, I have heard through the grapevine, and what I and my mate believe to be a reliable source of information due to their "closeness" to Linden Labs, that the new "Project Sunshine" will remove attachment points that Anthromorphic Avatars, AKA "Furries" use to be just that. Or some way of disabling those parts from being used. Because Linden Labs believes that "Furries" promote a bad image. I do not know whether or not this is indeed true, but, as I stated, I am inclined to believe this person do to the nature of their position. No, I will not give up their name so you can fire them. Don't bother asking. But, allow me to point out that removing furries from Second Life goes against what it was built for. To allow people to be and do whatever they want. Not to mention it is descrimination in its purest form. So, if Linden Labs chooses to do this, they will be signing their own death warrant and losing the support of that community. A good deal of money is spent by the community, which in turn makes Linden Labs money, through the purchase of Linden Dollars and the rental of land for shops, clubs etc. In addition, this "bad image" that was mentioned... Anyone can be guilty of that. All the "BDSM" clubs and such. Fact of the matter is, they pay for it, they are allowed to do it. If that isn't whats wanted, shut this joke of a grid down, thats never worked correctly in the first place, break your wand, hang up your hat, and go home. Previously being privy to many of the inner workings of Linden Labs....Should havve done the smart thing and stayed under IBM.
  3. This has been beat to death...however. Fact of the matter is, while you may or may not technically be allowed to sharelogs/IMs, people are going to do it anyway. If they didn't want this to become an issue, then they should not have put in the option for people to log them. Not to mention, unless it is a screenshot (which, granted with much more effort, can still be fabricated) text logs can easily be changed or created at a moments notice, so, nothing is credible anyway. Here is a hint: If you are afraid of your IM's being logged, then, chances are you are saying something about someone or, someplace, that you maybe shouldn't be, and are afraid you will get caught doing so. Food for thought.
  4. Ok, so I am attempting to upload images for my products. But when I attempt to do this, nothing happens. I click the Upload Image button, and it brings up a notice with the dimension suggestions and such, with a link saying to click it, to upload. So I do that, and absolutely nothing happens. -- IN RESPONSE -- No I clicked the button, clicked the link it provided to be able to upload, and it does nothing, it does not bring up a browser or anything. No action at all.
  5. This is most definitely a problem. Everything I have attempted to purchase as a gift fails in delivery, and it takes FOREVER to credit my account. This is rediculous.
  6. Ok, so I rezzed a tipjar. Now, it wont let me take it back into my inventory, and it will also not allow the sim owner to return it to me, yet when I edit it, it still says I am the owner.
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