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  1. Hi there, I am looking for another GF full region, 20k or 30k prims. If you have one coming up for sale let me know and can talk on details Although I am in no rush to buy, I can buy one immediately. Please PM me in-world for a faster response or post here. Many thanks, Mark
  2. Still looking 🙂 also in the market for a homestead
  3. If anyone has a full region 20k or 30k prims for sale on a GF tier, please message me Doesn't matter when tier is due & I will pay transfer fees. Please message Mark Nova by PM, no notecards please
  4. You do still keep the GF rate whether you upgrade or downgrade the regions prims
  5. Send me a PM, I can respond while offline and can see if we can make an agreement, I'll also be happy to ensure your tenants keep their land and tiers as it is for them too. I can purchase immediately also
  6. You still pay the extra 30usd per month to upgrade a 20k region to 30k prims so would be 209usd 30k prims rather than 239usd per month
  7. Still looking for a GF/Buy down full region if anyone has one for sale, open to negotiate
  8. Hi there, I am looking to purchase a full region GF/Buydown only tier rate, 20K OR 30K prims it does not matter which. Looking at buying around 250usd depending on tier due date, willing to negotiate and I pay transfer fees. I will be renaming and relocating the region also. If you have one for sale, send me a message in-world, no notecards please
  9. Please PM me inworld if you have a GF Homestead region for sale.
  10. We have land available and more regions coming this weekend! Why chose us? We never increase our tenants tier, EVER! We offer 24/7 customer support including our own Discord server giving our tenants a direct line to the estate owners phone! We price match so if you find something the same for less, we will match the price for you or even beat it! Full regions 20k prims - 14499L per week 30k prims - 16499L per week Our full regions all come with full estate control, treat the region as if you own it to do as you wish. Parcels of land 4096sqm from 999L per week 1250-1875 prims 8192sqm from 1995L per week 2500-3750 prims 1/4 sims from 3750L per week 5000-7500 prims 1/2 sims from 7500L per week 10,000-15,000 prims All our prices listed are based on market prices to be competitive and offer value, if you do happen to find something cheaper, let us know and we will price match for you! Your tier with us from day one will remain the same for the full duration of your rental with us and that is our promise to all our tenants! Find out more about us at www.lre.land or contact Mark Nova in-world.
  11. I am looking to buy a GF full region with 20k or 30k prims. I'll ofcourse pay the transfer fee. Please message me in-world if you are selling one
  12. Hi guys, We have some land vacant currently, we offer sizes from 4096sqm, 8192sqm, 1/4 sims, 1/2 sims, full sims (20k & 30 options). To see a live listing of availability please visit us here: https://www.legendaryestate.co.uk or to see us in-world you can visit us here: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Nova Cove/157/102/22 We NEVER increase tiers and we offer VERY competitive tiers. For any questions, land requests if you don't see what you need, feel free to message me in-world Mark Nova
  13. I am looking to buy a GF full region, 20k or 30k prims doesn't matter which, if anyone is selling please contact me in-world :)
  14. I will have another 2 regions available from tomorrow! Same again, Pay your first week and we will add a full weeks tier on top for FREE!! NO catches, NO tier increases EVER!!! To check out what other tenants say about our estate, please check out our reviews on our Facebook page!
  15. Hey guys, at Legendary Estates we have great value tier and 24/7 customer service! Don't see what you need? Let us know! NO TIER INCREASES ON ANY OF OUR LANDS..EVER!!! See something cheaper? Let us know & we will try to match it or beat it! I have Full 20K prim regions available, pay your first weeks tier and we will give you ONE FULL 7 DAYS FREE TIER!!! NO CATCH, NO TIER INCREASES, NO STRINGS ATTACHED & NO TERMS AND CONDITIONS!! This offer is only available at Legendary Estates as NO other estates is offering one free weeks tier for a full 20k prim region! Full regions include - 20k prims, FULL EM rights, FULL ownership control & No rules! Just pay tier and treat the region as your own!! Current Full Regions available: Only 1 Left Other Parcels available (SOME come with 7 days FREE TIER!!!) 4096sqm starting from 1200L per week and available with 1250 prims/1500 prims & 1875 prims 8192sqm starting from 2250L per week and available with 2500 prims/3000 prims & 3750 prims 1/4 Sim starting from 3750L per week and available with 5000 prims/6000 prims & 7500 prims 1/2 Sim starting from 7500L per week and available with 10000 prims & 15000 prims Visit us in-world - http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Nova Cove/82/100/23 For more info, please contact Mark Nova in-world
  16. Hi guys, We have some full prim regions, 20000 prims available to rent. Full Estate Manager rights for you and up to 7 others Weekly tier of 15088L$ Contact me in-world: Mark (Mesakaro Lewsey) Visit our office in-world where you can see our tenant reviews and get assistance with any help or questions you may have. Other lands available, please visit us at: https://www.lre.land/ Thanks, Mark
  17. Hey guys, I have one full sim vacant, tier is 16088L$ per week! Full land rights Estate manager rights Full ownership & control No premium account needed Full time staff available to help you Treat the region as your own! Other land available on 30k regions and Homesteads, to check what is currently available please visit here: http://www.woostx.com/landbook/?lb=7994b844643749b11f0e6cfe2f90d077123511d7 That page will be updated as soon as a plot is available or rented, so keep checking back Thankyou, Mark Crisis Legendary Estates
  18. Hey guys, I have a few plots left on a 30k prim region! 4096sqm - 1875 prims - 1600L per week (One left) 8192sqm - 3750 prims - 3000L per week (Two left) Please contact me only in world, Mark Crisis (Mesakaro Lewsey) or visit the region here: Crisis Coast
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