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  1. I just saw that Linden Lab has updated the keys.xml file without taking in consideration this thread. I don't know what to think about this, but I feel bad about that :((
  2. Hello, I wonder if TMP will release a final version of their hud/mesh, because it's been 3 years that it is in beta. Thousands (if not hundreds of thousands) of people bought their product and it seems not sure that it will have a final version one day. Does anyone have any news about this? In the case of the project is discontinued and that we can't get a final release version, can we ask for a refund? If not, can Linden Lab prevent such things to happen in the future with other unscupulous creators? Thank you
  3. Thank you Rolig Loon, my mistake, I didn't remember that these values were mandatory when not modified. And by the way, I saw that what I suggested is not the best way to do, llSetLinkTexture should do the trick more easely like Peires tried first. Here is the correct syntax in this case: llSetLinkTexture(LINK_THIS, llGetSubString(msg,0,-1), 1); and also, llGetSubString(msg, 0, -1) is not necessary, because it asks to get the sub string starting at first position of the string msg until the last character. I don't understand what it this for, it is the same as only msg. So this line should
  4. Hi Peires I don't know how your hud works, but if you have a linked object, I think that you should change the line: llSetTexture(llGetSubString(msg,0,-1),1); by this: llSetLinkPrimitiveParams(LINK_THIS, [PRIM_TEXTURE, 1, llGetSubString(msg,0,-1)]); The script have to be in the prim where you want to apply the texture. If the script is working OK on single prim objects, then you'll just have to change this line to make it work with a linked object, and there's no need to modify the hud script.
  5. Salut Luthor, Lorsque tu crashes, il faut attendre que les serveurs te déconnectent avant de pouvoir te reconnecter, cela est normal et n'est pas lié à ton poste, puisqu'il s'agit d'une opération qui a lieu sur les serveurs de la sim où tu étais lorsque tu crashes. Lorsque tu te déconnectes manuellement, le logout se fait proprement et il n'y a pas de temps d'attente avant de pouvoir se reco. Le temps d'attente pour se reco en cas de crash est généralement de 15 à 30 secondes. Si ca dépasse 1mn, cela est problématique, je te conseille dans ce cas : vérifier si ce temps de reconnection ano
  6. Sorry to dig-up this thread again, but I ran with a serious issue the last few days: When connecting on SL (using the officiel viewer), I was having a radio stream comming from nowhere, and always starting with a long audio advertising. Stopping medias players from SL didn't help, I was still having this radio playing... it was driving me mad until I check the Windows audio mixer and found out that this contumacious radio stream was coming from slplugin.exe, and also that I was having several instances of this ♥♥♥♥ running. Then I checked this plugin in my ProgramFiles > SecondLifeviewer d
  7. your first result is not so bad, It's just important to know that skin is more about 'art paint' than photography, have a look how other skins are done like this one for example: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/SHEITAN-TEMPLATES-FULL-PERMS-MALE-SKIN/6161228 Also you can make your tests with the avpainter software or on the betagrid to avoid to pay for uploading your textures.
  8. Hello, We are stuck trying to get Adobe Flash working in Singularity media prims (two last uptodate versions). System is Windows 10 x64, here it is Singularity64, but the same problem occurs also with the SL Official Viewer and Singularity32. We created a prim media with this URL: www.adobe.com/fr/software/flash/about/ to be certain of where the problem come from, and as we could see, no Flash is detected:  On the OS, Flash seems well installed, we can see here in programs:  Also, Flash is working on the browsers of the OS: Chrome and Edge of course (but they are internal, so np), but al
  9. Since the last days I have heavy slowdowns on sl marketplace, each server request makes around 20 seconds (!) to get a feedback. Browsing the marketplace is becoming nearly impossible. I really thought that it was only a server problem, because it looks only server-side (I can see the loading wheel, and no Javascript errors appears in the console), But just now I was really surprised that this issue is brower related! In fact these slowdown only appear with Internet Explorer or Edge, and not with Firefox. I would like to report this bug on the Jira, but before doing this I would like to know i
  10. Hello, I ask this question because after asking other people around me, this issue with Outfit creation seems to be problematic for lot of people : I wear some HUDs, like especially dance HUDS. When I create an outfit, the viewer creates links to these HUDs as well as links for my clothes etc... The problem is when I want to modify a HUD (like for example, adding a dance to my dance HUD), as I can't modify the attachment while wearing, I have to rezz it on the ground, modify it and then get it back in my inventory. I think that this issue should be also for people wearing HUDs that get updates
  11. Hello, I wonder why Second Life official viewer has never supported AZERTY keyboard. AZERTY support is important because it affects the keys for moving your avatar when you use letters (WASD / ZQSD), and using letters for moving your avatar is a lot more confortable than using the arrow keys if you are right handed. In Firestorm and Singularity, there's an option pref called "AZERTY" keyboard, that allows to switch movement keys from WASD to ZQSD. On the offcial viewer, the only solution is to edit the keys.xml file manually... thus nobody does that, or maybe 2% of users (I'm part of
  12. In the v3.8.5 there was a new feature called 'Graphic Presets' allowing to save graphic preferences and access them with just one click, it was very useful, as allowing to quickly change from ultra to medium in busy places, having presets for taking pictures, etc : http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Release_Notes/Second_Life_Release/ In the last v4.0.2, it seems that this feature is gone because I don't see it anymore, did I miss something? Thank you
  13. Hello, As you know, sometimes profile picks are used to display things other than locations, such as favorite snapshots. Thus, I would like to be able to add some snapshots+text in my picks, but without slurl location. I ask this question because I know that there is a way to get rid of the slurl location in picks, I've seen that in some cases: - I saw an account from a resident who have all his picks without location - In my own profile, I saw recently that there was a pick showing no location In both cases, perhaps it could be because the landmark is no longer valid? But I'm not sure. Any id
  14. Hello I would like to send an Abuse Report about someone exercising threats and DDOS attacks (see my other question: Abuse-and-Griefing/Resident-exercising-threats-and-DDOS-attacks ) At the bottom of the Abuse Report box we can see written : " * Incomplete reports won't be investigated". I note well the asterisk at the beginning of the sentence, but this refers to none of the fields, we do not see any other asterisk inside the box (!) this led me to post here. My Abuse Report concerns someone who crashed a sim, as my viewer was crashing I wasn't able to take a screenshot from the vie
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