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  1. 1) HUDS do not count in complexity and only lag the wearer not others. 2) Sensible people remove the HUDS after they've put their outfit together (and also because your screen is covered in them). 3) Those who theoretically are actually wearing 38 (and in theory 50 if it were increased to 50) would still be a jellydoll and would not affect you or anyone else unless you choose to raise your complexity setting.
  2. It's not a matter of wearing them all the time. It makes it much faster to save all appropriate HUDS that go with the attachments with your outfits ... then you choose the colour you want and/or click the appliers you want for that outfit then TAKE THEM OFF because otherwise you can't see through the HUDS anyway. 38 is severely inadequate for anyone who wears a mesh head and body together with hair HUDS, nail HUDS, tattoo HUDS, lipstick HUDS, mesh eye HUDS, shoe HUDS, applier relays and so on and so on. I'm constantly hitting the 38 and it's really irritating and time-consuming. 38 was fin
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