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  1. A way could be to tag the sl last name to TeenResident instead of just Resident and the last name change be made automagically based upon declared age, the accounts uuid remains the same but the server reports the age related lastname when queried. Such queries could be in a profile lookup or when the user interacts and the user name is obtained so it can be rendered in 3d scene or in the various chats. My solution to the social interaction dilema is the same as I always use in all chat programs is, forget online sex... there is no 100% way to be certain what it is you are interacting with..
  2. Another option open to LL is they could charge L$ for a decent level of support per incident for basic members, many issues including ghosted avatar account lockouts still allow L$ transactions to take place via web portals. To LL L$ does mean real money at the current exchange rates as they had to have been paid real money for the L$ in the first place and taking those L$ license tokens out of the system means more rl money has to be spent to release more L$ license tokens back into the comunity again. We should not be penalised just because we do not trust making our payment and personal id
  3. I too was stuck in the ghosting avatar loop for over two weeks, attempted to file a support ticket 19th Dec 2010 and found NO appropriate support option so use one of the available option and explained the problem in the desciption and did not receive a single response response until 10th Feb 2011 inviting me to pay for upgraded premium membership... this whole issue is due to a bug in their inter-SIM server protocols and is an account issue as the account is more or less crippled by the bug until the ghosted avater is destroyed. and the phrase "and some technical" is hardley useful! Exactly w
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