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  1. Well let's see, Sims Online=fail. Second Life, near the brink of non existence....wow great to have you aboard captain now remember to go down with the ship and not bail like a deck hand two months later!
  2. When will LL ever lock this thread? You've all said the same basic thing over and over and they're not listening and now since you like to flood my Blackberry with senseless replies I'll add to the nonsense. Teens...be smart...when you sign up, sign up as being 18 years old. Oh wait, they do that already! In my 3 1/2 years on SL I've come across LOTS of teens posing as regular adults. It's not gonna stop either. When new teens sign up under their real age then learn from older teen friends online or at school on how much they're missing by not fudging their age they'll be quick to create new accounts, aged 18 years old. So smarten up people, before you pixel bang, do a bit of voice chatting and maybe even get to know who you're priming yourself up for.
  3. SL as RL, the best we can do is watch after our own kids. If we have relatives, then watch or warn after them as well about the changes of SL. Other virtual worlds have teens and adults on the same grid, and I have memberships on two other world sites and let me tell you that it doesn't matter if they have sex beds or not; a good bunch of the people can emote and emote damn well. Honestly, kids find out more correct things about sex online opposed to Playboy and other XXX mags back in my days of youth. America is wound up way too tight on sex. Christian fundamentalist groups/singles in SL trying to use the teens coming to the adult grid as their staging platform make me sick as well. Mind your own business. Nothing you say or do on these forums is going to change the minds of LL. My stance on this matter has been canceling my premium membership with LL and I'm on my own "Moderate" island so the only kids coming here are ones that lied on their registration. It won't matter if we put a tag over their head signaling to adults that their teen avies; Adult pervs will just go and sign up as teens and look for children to groom. This will be my only post here on this matter, so trolls, know that I won't reply, I could care less what you think on my opinion.
  4. Well, if you haven't left the mainland you better do so now cause here come the kiddies. We really need some identifier to let us know when we're dealing with a teen.
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