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  1. It's impacted me quite a lot, as I've made some friends here that after almost 9 years of being on SL I still talk to, but the major thing is that I've met my RL BF on here, we met up in RL and moved into together in the last few months so all very exciting!! I don't think our paths would have met in RL as we have totally different jobs and lived in totally different area within the UK so thank you SL!!!
  2. Also check the courtyard! There's brownies, football, pony club and movie club!!
  3. Well all depends what kind of RP you are after.... There's schools, boy scouts, after-school clubs.....
  4. I'd love a good musical theatre or soundtracks radio station!
  5. It all depends if you are a child or an adult. If you are an adult wanting to adopt children then there are tons of adoption places out there Hertiage is a good one. If you are wanting to help out with events, The Courtyard is a great place, there's family events such as brownies, trips and afterschool clubs....but the best advice is just take a look around SL and visit lots of family sims!
  6. Hiya! I play a 4 year old little girl who would love to attend some kind of nursery/pre-school/kindergarden. I'm in the UK so it would have to have classes at a UK/GMT friendly timezone....does anyone know of any or if you run one, please send me an IM or Notecard in world to Meg Howe please?
  7. Basically what the title says really, I know there are a lot of wonderful family sims here on SL, however not many are great for those of us on GMT time zone! I love feeling part of a community and joining it at events but being on GMT time zone means I often miss out..so if anyone knows of any family sims, that are Gmt friendly....I would love to hear about them!!!
  8. Looking to move into a family rp sim that holds events on UK time, I know there are a lot of fab family sims out there...but not a lot of them holds events on UK time so I don't want to miss out!! Any suggestions?
  9. You were lucky you managed to get to another sim, I can't do that and I have to clear cache and everything each time I want to attempt to log on...it started playing up for me last night (i'm in the uk) I hope it gets sorted by tomorrow!
  10. I see others are having problems with logging in, I am as well, but then when I finally get in, sometimes I appear ruthed and cannot do anything and have to close the viewer, then when I do log in ok, I get unable to connect to server, followed by a lot of numbers....I can move a little and chat but when I try to TP anywhere I crash....is this a problem that others are experiencing or just me?
  11. After attempting to log in several times, I get different error messages such as the date and time is wrong or cannot connect to server. I've cleared all cache and then I get into SL, then when I get into SL, it says unable to connect to server..with a load of numbers...when I try to TP to other parts of other than my home it crashes on me! Please Help!!
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