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  1. I am looking to be hired as a roving drink / snack server at a BDSM Club. The idea is that I would wander about the dance floor or certain area of the club and offer drinks or snacks to guests. I have several different snack / drink trays that allow people to take items from them. I could also tend bar on the side if there is one available. I'm available from 8 AM SLT to 8 PM SLT. I would be more than happy to work for tips. If interested, feel free to message me in-world.
  2. I am looking for someone who can put a small logo (that will be provided) on 2 T-shirts. I will provide the full permission T-Shirts, AOs, Alphas, shirt models etc for Maitreya & E-Body (The ones I need made). Payment will be provided for services. If interested please message me in-world.
  3. My RL brother passed away yesterday. While he wasn't a member of Second Life, my parents refuse to hold a funeral service for him in real life, so I decided to give him one in Second Life, but I am in need of someone to lead it. I'd like it to be done on Monday if at all possible. I have everything already set up on my land for it, I just need someone to lead it is all. If you are interested, please PM me in-world for details and payment.
  4. I am in need of an affordable photographer to take pictures of our community sim for our website. Please message me with your prices.
  5. We're still looking for staff! 100% Tips (We supply the tip jars) - 2 shifts per-week required - DJs may change their stream via SHX Shoutcast Board (No stream card needed) - DJs must take requests & dedications - DJs must make announcements every 4-6 songs If interested, please stop by our venue ( http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Destiny Shores/178/122/21 ) and complete an application, or send an IM to Starrah Aeon or harperkowalski for one.
  6. Club Elegance is Second Life's premiere music entertainment experience. Located on Destiny Shores, Club Elegance features mixed genre DJs, friendly staff, fun contests, engaging events, and an upscale family-friendly atmosphere which ensures all our patrons both young and old will have a great time. We are currently hiring DJs & Hosts. Club Elegance is a mixed-genre clubs. This means that most genres are permitted to be played (within reason). Because Club Elegance is part of the greater Destiny Shore Role-Play region, child avatars are always present in the area and are welcome to at
  7. the other options are like full private islands or homesteads and with homesteads I wouldn't be able to have enough people on it, and I can't afford a full private island
  8. I am in need of 10,000 SQM land for 3,000 Linden per week MAX. Land must have 900 to 1,000 prims and estate rights (eg: build permissions, object entry permissions, parcel media, etc) I'll be operating an avatar equestrian area where people can come and play various equestrian games with horse avatars (like myself) such as pole bending, barrel racing, show jumping, corral rides, etc. If anyone has such land available, please contact me or my partner Sarona Osamaru ASAP. Thank you!
  9. I am looking for someone who can apply a design that I made to a UV Map that I purchased. I will give you everything you need plus 200 Linden for your time and labor. For more information please contact me in-world
  10. I am in search of an affordable place to dock my little 42 LI Bandit boat. I'd prefer that it be in or around the Blake Sea. Able to pay 200 Linden per week (Maximum 880 per month). Please contact me if you have a place available.
  11. My name is DJ Viva and I am a professional DJ of 16 years. I am a graduate of the Florida Academy of Mobile Entertainment, a member in good standing with the American Disk Jockey Association, and the owner of a fully licensed and insured Mobile DJ Service. I have my own 200 slot, 198 KBPS Shoutcast Server, I use Radio DJ for windows and a Blue Snowball Microphone when I DJ, and will typically speak between every 4-7 songs. I have been a DJ on Second Life for 8 years, and have performed for a variety of different venues, most of which have unfortunately closed down. I play an
  12. Club Ohana is Hiring reliable DJs & Hosts to work in a family friendly, drama-free venue in Second Life. All applicants will be paid 100% tips. Interested? TP here for an application: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Radical Mountain/58/131/3402 DJ Requirements ► General Applicant Requirements ◄ ▪ You must speak English fluently ▪ You must be 18 years old in Real Life ▪ You must be 60 days old in Second Life ▪ You must have a non-newbie shape and skin ▪ You must be willing to work a minimum of 1 shift per-week ▪ You must have experience
  13. Name: Vivace Age: 5 years old Gender: Female (mare) Breed: Kieger Mustang Coat: Golden Buckskin ■■■ Biography ■■■ My name is Vivace (or Vi for short), I am a lively, frisky, inquisitive young 5 year old mare (female horse) that enjoys leisurely trail rides, wagon rides, sleigh rides, riding lessons, jumping competitions, grazing with other horses, listening to music, dancing, and interacting with children. I am VERY gentle with both other equines and humans, but will spook if approached too quickly or if sudden loud noises occur. ■■■ Personality ■■■ lively, frisky,
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