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  1. Wow..that was a nice quick response to the Jira! Thanks for creating it Darrius...I did vote and watch it ...even though votes no longer count. :matte-motes-grin:
  2. I have been in SL for several years but I just noticed a change in my Transaction History the past week. I cannot figure out how to fix it. My Transaction History no longer seems to be in accord with my time zone(cst). If I go to look at a transaction at 8:00 Pm cst on Wednesday...it gives me Thursday's transactions..of which of course there are none. This has happened several times and can be quite irritating because I have to go up and select both the from and to date as yesterday's date in order to see transactions for the current day. Has something happened to change this or have I somehow changed a setting? I have used the searched here to no avail. Thanks;)
  3. There is a way you can opt out of having your profile shown on the web...it is hidden deep in your dashboard. I'm at work or I would give you the link.
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