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  1. Well, the other person is not a premium member, so it's not really a problem. They'll just start their membership and buy their tier the day before I drop my tier, so the overlap is one day, which isn't bad. I have tenants, so I can't really risk things going *poof* Thank you everyone for the feedback.
  2. I'm looking to transfer financial responsibility of group land to another, and I just want to be sure I know the proper steps. I currently am the group owner and sole land contributor. Is this correct? : -The new owner would need to hold tier for the same amount of land I'm currently contributing. -The new owner would then need to donate that (currently unused) tier to the group. -I would reduce my land contribution to zero -I would transfer ownership of the group to them. Anything I'm missing? If I drop my tier, will I get a refund for any unused tier if I have days left on the billing month?
  3. The Lightbridge roleplaying community is looking to fill senior male roles of Lord Mayor and members of the city council. Real life women playing male avatars are most welcome! Knight, professional gentry, merchant, or minor noble, all would be welcome to fill such roles. This is a great chance to help shape a story! "The sim is set in English-controlled France near Calais in the year 1529. The fictional city of Pont de Lumière (Anglicized to "Lightbridge") is a secondary port to Calais, one of several garrisons providing defense to Calais. Calais is an important nexus of trade and diplomacy at this time, having hosted the infamous Field of Cloth and Gold in 1520, strengthening ties between Henry VIII and Francis I of France, as well as another treaty between Henry VIII, and Charles V, the Holy Roman Emperor in the nearby city of Gravelines. What makes us special? We’ve done a good bit of research into English-Controlled Calais and we’ve picked a time and space that are unlike anything else in the SL rp community. RL events of the time will affect our roleplay, including the many RL feast days scattered throughout the year. And although our focus isn’t on physical combat, our combat dice bonus system is also designed to reduce the absurdities of dice play. Sound interesting? Visit our website, Lightbridge RP, and learn more about us! Or visit us inworld. We are happy to answer any questions. IM Cristalle Karami or Tarkin Slade." Tarkin can also be contacted via forum IM.
  4. There are groups dedicated to promoting RP. Try joining the RPC (Role-play center) and many other.
  5. Hi there. Breaking into SL roleplay can be intimidating if you don't know how it works or what's expected. I would suggest finding a sim that will allow you to observe others rp. Hang out, watch people play, learn how it works. When you're ready to start, people will already know you, so it'll be easier. I would suggest checking out Lightbridge. It's a new medieval sim, and everyone is very friendly and willing to help. Even if you decide the sim/genre is not for you, you'll be among good teachers. It's active after 4pm SLT. I'd give you other suggestions, but it's the only sim I'm familiar with.
  6. Lightbridge RP is looking for a town mayor and a captain of the town guard, two of the most important positions! Lightbridge is a historical RP sim set in 1529 English-held Calais. This is non-fantasy. We don't care if you have no RP experience - the game admins will offer as much guidance as you need. If you've ever wanted to play an important character, but didn't feel like spending months or years on a RP sim proving that your your worthy of it, here are two roles that you can step right into. All we ask is that you give it a serious effort. The Calais region is nearly surrounded by France, a frequent enemy of England, and the French could attack at any time to reclaim their lost territory! Border disputes are common, and spies are an ever-present danger. Lightbridge is a great place for an ambitious man to prove his mettle and serve as a stepping stone to greater things in England. You can fill out an application via the above website, or contact myself or Cristalle Karami if you have any questions.
  7. We are especially looking for a Mayor, a Captain for the garrison, soldiers (noble or not), merchants, and tradesmen. I'll state it plainly - without a Mayor or Captain, Baron Lightbridge is going to have his nose in everything. Yes, his duties as Treasurer of Calais keep him in Calais most days, but that won't stop him from trying to rule over things when he comes home. While he's certainly able, too much power resting in the hands of one man is not ideal, and the longer he has his way unopposed, the harder it will be to wrest that authority away from him. Do you have what it takes to accept the King's appointment and step into a role of authority? Do you enjoy history or would find a non-fantasy medieval sim refreshing? Then Lightbridge may be for you.
  8. I'm seeking a knight to serve as a personal body guard. Any knight would do, but an older "retired" knight would fit well with my character's personality. I rp on the Wystenra sim, which is based in 1504 Europe. There's currently a lot of rp potentional for any male characters. I'm on East Coast US for timing purposes. Please feel free to contact me via the forum or IM Scarlet Quercus in-world.
  9. *bump* Both positions are still open, though if they do fill there are plenty of other roles that need to be filled on the sim. I'm happy to show anyone around the sim and answer your questions.
  10. The Countess of Maran in the Wystenra historical sim (set in 1504 Europe) is seeking a personal attendant and a bodyguard (two separate postions). The attendant should be a female commoner or gentry. The bodyguard preferably a knight, but a career common soldier is also acceptable. If you're looking to break into rp, this is a great opportunity, as I'm happy to mentor. Contact Scarlet Quercus inworld or message me on the forum. I get offline IMs. I'm GMT -5 (Eastern) and typically am online 9am-ish and 5pm-ish SLT for purposes of rp interaction.
  11. I'm looking for a role-player that likes intrigue and espianoge to create a character to act as a covert intelligence-gathering agent on behalf of an in-game faction. The sim is medieval, non fantasy. Must be over 18. Please message or IM me in world for details. (Everything will be done in-character in a proper manner - this is not an attempt to circumvent any sim rules. All new characters are submitted for administrative approval).
  12. I think it's a bit daunting to break into a rp community if you don't already know someone in it. I know I was looking at places for nearly a year before I finally took the plunge with the Wystenra sim (realistic renessiance era rp). I've been sucked into it, and I'm happy to show anyone around the sim and talk shop.
  13. I encourage you to try out Wystenra. It's a mix of para-roleplayers and less verbous types, so all styles of play are welcome. This incarnation of the sim is still pretty young. Like you, I had a broad RP background, but this was my first time rping in SL. The group is very nice and inclusive, and I had no trouble fitting in. I'm happy to answer any questions you may have.
  14. Bump! This still applies. Great, great fun. I'm totally addicted. --||-
  15. I've been in Wystenra now for just under a month, and I'm quite enjoying myself. However, the sim needs more male characters! Seriously, 75% of the characters (mine included) are female, young and widowed. Any guys joining in are going to have their pick of the litter. So guys, get on down to court!
  16. Haven't come across any RP sims that had active clubs/bars/etc., but if you have any suggestions, I'll check them out.
  17. Scarlet Quercus wrote: I have no RL artistic skills, so I turned to SL specificly to render avatars for my RPG characters from other games. So yes, I consider avi creation art. I just want to clarify that what I consider art in my situation is the rendering of my avi for the specific purpose of image capturing and presentation into another game as art, no differenent that if I was using DAV Studio or another 3D art rendering program. While I think content creators certainly are artists (clothing/skin creators, etc), I think avatar assembly is a talent, but isn't inherently art. It's what you do with the avatar after that makes it art or not. That said, I think someone that starts with the stock linden shape and mods it themselves into a unique avatar shape would fall into the same class as a content creator, and hence be considered an artist. I started with the stock shape for my avi and have been working on perfecting it, off and on, for five years. I don't really see this as any diffferent than sculpting; it's just in a virtual medium.
  18. I agree with your friend's assessment.
  19. I have no RL artistic skills, so I turned to SL specificly to render avatars for my RPG characters from other games. So yes, I consider avi creation art.
  20. My avatar and her personality are the SL adaptation of a RP character that I've been developing for over six years in another game. In SL, things have worked out that the personality is about 50/50 her and me. I simply want to be taken as I present myself. I have no problems talking about RL stuff with someone I become friends with, but when I'm out on my own looking for a dance, etc., RL questions from complete strangers suck because I don't know how to answer them. I'm not there. She is, and her "RL" is just another fictional life. I've found these forums are not at all representative of the people in the places I frequent in-world. People seem to agree with me here, whereas in world, I'm surrounded by people "playing" themselves and expecting the same from everyone else. Those people on the forum that say "I take people as they present themselves," where are they in world? Not where I hang out, for sure. Syo, you used the word "fake," and that is the crux of my problem. Who I am in-world, while not me in RL, is not "fake." That part of me that is "her" has feelings, moods, etc, and it is that stigma of "fakery" that I'm trying to avoid by finding a place to hang out where I'll be intrinsicly understood. I sense this really wouldn't be a problem if I was the same gender as my avi, but I'm not, hence the strong need to be accepted "as is."
  21. I have a dilemma. My SL avatar is not me. I'm not involved in any RP sims or groups, but I am in world as someone else. But when I go out to mainstream clubs and hangouts, it's always the same old lines: "Where are you from?" etc. Is there a hangout that caters to role-players, where "characters" can go hang out and just be "characters" without having to worry about being "real?"
  22. I'm a male playing a female avi, and I'm open about it in my profile. I've found that guys really want nothing to do with me. Not that anyone is rude, but I've made no male friends, so forget about romance. So, JWow, I'm not nearly as confident as some others in this thread. Unless you hang out at places specifically for bisexuals, your odds of getting into a hetero relationship with a male avi are pretty much nil.
  23. While I know lots of people and hang out a lot, I'm not actually "friends" with anyone. I get wanting to log in and have someone enthusiasticly IM you because they're happy to see you. Most just friend me and never contact me again. It's kind of like being lonely but surrounded by people, if you get my drift. I guess SL is like RL in that way. Doesn't really help that I'm on at crummy hours either. Anyone feel free to shoot me an PM if you're feeling bummed out. I can't guarantee we'll click, but we can give it a whirl.
  24. I still am not sure what I'm doing in SL.
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