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  1. I am Bella Wytchwood, I have been with SL for 10 years and have been a fashion designer, dancer, bar owner, store owner, tier designer, and photographer. I really enjoy making friends and discovering new locations in world. I have pulled back a bit on SL due to having a family but over all still very much involved in the SL world that once consumed every waking moment. In RL I am a manager of a virtual real estate company and work in an avatar based world. I live in RI born and raised and looking to spread my RL wings to another location. This is my avatar:
  2. Is there anymore coming out soon? @Patch Linden Also dont like how it says "Newbie" next to my name, since I have been on SecondLife for 10 years
  3. A couple weeks ago i reported this guy M51 Neox that stole 4k ls from me after selling me land that didnt belong to him he told me he worked for the realestate company that the land belonged to he was an agent and i checked his tag said he was apart of the Real Estate company.. What im wondering is how do i check on the status of that report and if anyone knows if LL will give me the lindens i lost
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