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  1. It left me at various places within the naval base. If I was inside the naval base. This effect did not happen if I was on the main road going past the naval base.
  2. It is at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Flint/238/189/35 I have noticed something strange there. Usually, if I exit from Second Life, or Second Life drops me (likely to save link usage time, because I use an ordinary slowish link via a telephone line, and not a fast optic-fiber link), my next login starts me where I was when I exited, or where I was at the start of the previous run (if SL dropped me). But if I am in Naval Base Jeogeot Point, whether I exit SL voluntarily or SL drops me, when I log in again, it starts me at some random other place within the naval base. What is happening? Once that randomized restart started me inside a building with nothing in it to look at and no way out of except teleporting. Once it restarted me on the bottom of the harbor water. The water-craft there including the submarine: are they merely for show, or can users buy copies of them?
  3. Sky junk is miscellaneous objects floating about in the air above sims, and have been a chronic cause of complaints as impeding flying activities.
  4. If so, then it should be easy to make a general search for "sky junk". As regards security orbs: (1) Let the startup for SL include a link to click for users to report any case of them being bounced out by a security orb with an illegally short warning time. (2) If a sky orb's script contains a characteristic piece of program text, scan for that text, in a way somewhat like virus-checking.
  5. A few days ago I was on a highish-level exploratory overflight in the Heterocera continent and I ran into a zero-time-limit security orb and it suddenly flipped me to Mauve. (Mauve presumably because, when I joined SL after I had been through an Orientation Island and a Help Island, I first went to Mauve.) I can't see how I could see or hear anything private on a high-level jetpack-aided overflight over the area, any more than in reality when I overfly city areas in an airliner.) It should be easyish for the Lindens to add a bit of programming overriding too-short time limits in security orbs. How easy would it be for an administrator (or whatever they are called in SL) to write and run a script to search all sims for a particular sort of item and list its findings?
  6. At http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Talakin/203/198/22 I found a 4-sided obelisk with useful advice to SL users on all 4 sides. It is by a corner of the harbor by the seafood stall. They are as follows. (I don't know who put them there.) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Good neighbor commandments for Second Life mainland Thou shalt not block roads or sea lanes with thy objects, nor shall ye set ban lines, for they are the suck. Thou shalt allow build and run scripts on thy land and use autoreturn to keep it tidy, for it is thy friend Thou shalt beget privacy walls, screens, and shrubbery around thy land which please the eye of thy neighbor as they do thyself Thou shalt not set thy security orb to teleport people without at least a one minute warning, lest thou beest a suck.
  7. Here the void is the area where there is no server. Traveling in the void is well known to be impossible. Formerly at Abbotts Aerodrome, there was an aeroplane that a user could click on as it came in to land, and it took him for a ride. Sometimes when I flew in it, it went through void or below the land surface :: later I realized that it likeliest did not move my avatar but it only moved my personal camera/viewpoint. I saw a case where someone put a prim object in the void by giving it x or z coordinates out-of-range (= not between 0 and 256 meters) relative to a sim. If there are future software developments in SL, perhaps an avatar could be allowed to fly in the void, by letting him have x or z coordinates out-of-range (= not between 0 and 256 meters) relative to a sim. He would automatically transfer to the sim that he is nearest to.
  8. Are there any users whose avatar is a vehicle or an aircraft?
  9. Does "moved to Vulcan" means to another place in Second Life, or to another website, or that it disappeared, or what?
  10. Some years ago I went a few times to a SL island called Imzadi, and above sea level it had buildings etc on, including places to buy Star Trek stuff (image attached), and in the sea nearby a colorful coral reef area (image attached). And high above was a big floating building where people could buy Star Trek stuff including spaceships. Today I called search for Imzadi, and teleported there, and found only flat seabed, and a house on a big square flat prim at water surface level. Did I go to the same place? What happened there?
  11. Sometimes at Abbotts Airport I have seen aircraft for sale, and I can walk through it as if I or it was a ghost. is that what is meant by the vehicle being "phantom"? Or what? Is there a file anywhere which is a chronicle of major events on Second Life?
  12. Could this effect be merely part of my internet link being slowish? I am on BTInternet (a British internet provider). Likewise. Second Life frequently drops me, I suspect because of my internet link's slowness.
  13. All I know is: My loss of SL audio coincided suspiciously to a few minutes with my Nortons automatically upgrading itself. What can I do in my SL or in my Nortons to try to get my SL audio back?
  14. But in Nortons, now can I find a list of what is blocking? In that list, what is the name of Second Life's sound channel? How to take that name off that list?
  15. For the last week or so, Nortons Antiviral and/or its firewall won't let me hear Second Life sound. (My computer lets me hear sound from other sources, e.g. from Wikipedia.) It started when my Nortons upgraded itself. Please, what must I do in what part of my Nortons to get it to let my Second Life transmit Second Life sound?
  16. For the last week or so, Nortons Antiviral and/or its firewall won't let me hear Second Life sound. (M
  17. I have never seen a train on the Second Life railways. Does a train appear when I pay the train fare? Or what?
  18. I am currrently at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Plusia/255/118/33 on a railway platform looking at a big railway map. At the bottom of this map are shown 2 railway lines (one blue, one cyan) that seem to be laid on sea. Are they laid on the seabed, or are they ferries? If they are ferries, what sort of ferries are they?
  19. Thanks. I found how to go into the explorer in Admin mode. I uninstalled Second Live Viewer, and ALL its files duly disappeared, including SecondLifeViewer.exe . Then I re-installed Second Life Viewer, and logged in on it, and it worked properly, and my avatar appeared, complete with jetpack. .
  20. Thanks; but please how can I get my PC into administrator mode to delete my file SecondLifeViewer.exe ?, as you state above. I have Windows 8.1 . I am my PC's only user. Whenever I try to manually delete my file SecondLifeViewer.exe , it says that I cannot delete file SecondLifeViewer.exe because it is open in System. Is there any risk that these doings will lose my avatar's jetpack? It is useful and it contains a script that lets me fly faster.
  21. I just now tried what you said. I dowloaded Second_Life_3_7_28_300918_i686_Setup.exe . I clicked on it. It deleted parts of my old setup, then unpacked various parts of my setup, then errored on writing to C:\Program Files (x86)\SecondLifeViewer\SecondLifeViewer.exe And again, if I log in to Second Like, it shows me as a cloud, and never finishes downloading my clothes. I use an antiviral called BullGuard. Should I get rid of it?
  22. Yesterday (2 May 2015) my Second Life tried to auto-update my computer's Second Life software, and the download/update process deleted some parts of my computer's Second Life software, then started to upload something, and jammed, and halted. After that, I can see SL, but my avatar remains as a white cloud; however long I wait, and the sound refuses to connect. Pllease how can I force a Second Life software upload, to put this right? I want to keep my avatar and its property and attachments including my backpack jetpack.
  23. When I am in SL, the land further than a set distance away disappears and appearsas sea. Can SL be set to display all land within eyesight of the member's camera? How would that affect speed and performance?
  24. At http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Lordshore/8/249/53 I found a Stargate. (I currently watch Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis on television.) About how many Stargates are there in SL? I once walked through a SL Stargate and was randomly teleported; but can I program it to jump me to any desired place?
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