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  1. Please for gods sake, just leave merchant outbox alone. Nothing wrong with it and I love it as it is. I don't want 10000 folders of my products taking lots of space in my inventory.
  2. I personaly think this is awful, really really awful. I don't care how much better the avatars will be looking and all the new features on the new second life, the fact how much lindens people have spendt on this game is shocking at least now that we know that there's a new platform being made and that we get nothing for it after using all these in rl money on this old one, no refund and nothing at all. Creators will have to start from scratch uploading everything on new and so on, and some might keep being in the old one, there is no bright future for both the new or the old secondlife as far
  3. I was wondering if i were to update a product on the marketplace, is it possibly to redeliver it to all the people who bought the older version? It is tiredsome to manually redeliver it to many people. Thank you!
  4. Hi! well i was just wondering if people got tips for amatour rp'er like me? would be great :)
  5. Hi just wondering if anyone coud tell me a shop with any innocent realistic skin, i dont like to much make up either. so i have a hard time looking for the right skin for me, i have tried curio and illusory and atomic but i dont want to look to much grown up, would be awesome if someone coud tell me any places, and also any tips for removing the wrinkle looking lines that goes down each nose side to the corner of the mouth on the shape? or is it even possible?i know it can be a little removed by making the lip corner high up but it would look weird on some skins so yeah. :] tyyl
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