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  1. I posted my original 2011 Patriarch post earlier, but forgot to post the new one, which is this, in Sn@tch top and skirt, and Zaara clutch bag and scarf - I'm hoping that ONE of those purples is Patriarch....
  2. I did that challenge in 2011! This was my patriarch *2011* entry (those were favourite pants, I remember, and I loved that Zaara pashmina details here), tomorrow I'll have a 2020 try.....
  3. Thank you for this challenge, it was such fun, and other people's designs have been inspiring! I've rented the flat above the pub in Seaclaid, which has a 50LI limit. That part of the town reminded me a bit of Brighton (England) where I grew up - some bits of Brighton are very ordinary, but it also has a jumble of fantasy elements too (like the Lanes & Brighton Pavilion). By the way, @Chic Aeon your Seaclaid home reminds me very much of the tollbooths in York on Skeldergate or Lendal bridges https://www.jorvik.co.uk/bridges-of-york/ (where I have a day out a few times a year - at least I do when there isn't a pandemic - the buildings are cafes now). I had meant to make the flat 60s hippy (because that's a Brighton vibe) but then thought that might seem to modern for the sim, so it's more vaguely old and boho now. It's fairly big, with a big room downstairs and a roomy upper level, so I decided to have an artist's loft feel, particularly in the upper part. This is a retreat for me to write at the table under the front windows, or to paint the world as it goes back in the upper studio. I mostly clustered the furniture near the windows, because the great views are the feature, and tucked the bed under the stairs. In the physical world I would avoid living above a pub - the noise! - and it is amusing that you actually the get the same issue in SL - when people chat in the pub downstairs I can hear them! The items add up to 49: (Downstairs) HAIKEI: My vintage art studio / Gacha {1} table and stool; hive // autumnal plant oak; dust bunny wiccan book stack and book pile; Rustic Fairy Art (Elle Crescendo, vintage); ~ASW~ The Autumn Equinox Stained Glass; (Milk Motion) l'orangerie - wall panel 2; D-LAB ALICE 3 -06 Cheshire Cat; KraftWork The Witch Hideout Nordic Art Table and stools; DDD candlestick; floorplan botanical chart; Kalopsia - Autumn Leaves Mobile; Schadenfreude Framed Curious Flora Page Mandrake; crate Otto Bed Footlocker; !gO! Love my doll - Majka; 22769 ~ [bauwerk] Boho Daybed RARE; Afghan carpet rug Meena; ~*S.E.*~ Scholar's Library - Crowned Bookshelf L and R; SF:: Elven Stylish Chair; CP La Belle Fairy Tale Princess Fish plus a rug and a picture textured by me. (Upstairs) 7 - Square Frame Wall Leaners; LAGOM - Elven Getaway [Blue Mannequin]; Kei's Watercolor Easel (wood finish); winter mural (vintage)
  4. The regular Virtual Worlds Education Roundtable (VWER) session on Thursday 21st May 2020 (12 noon SL time - 1pm) will be "Choose your reality", led by Mark Childs (Gann McGann in Second Life). It will be in voice (with transcription) and text chat at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Infolit%20iSchool/229/26/22 All are welcome. Virtual reality, virtual worlds, videoconferencing, text conferencing, the physical world. They all have their pros and cons, what do we think they are, and can we improve on them? Over the past few months, the Rumpus research group at the Openn University Institute of Educational Research has been having their meetings in a variety of different environments. A creative suite in Milton Keynes, the OU island in Second Life, Engage on the Oculus Quest, Teams, Zoom, Adobe Connect. A recent blog post discusses some of these experiences, with a focus on are they fun? http://www.open.ac.uk/blogs/rumpus/index.php/2020/05/12/fun-in-different-platforms/ In this sesssion we’ll continue this exploration. We’ll be talking about our experiences of different platforms in terms of Accessibility/cost (can we get to it) Usability (how easy to use is it once we’re there) Fun v. awkwardness Security/privacy Engagement/immersivess For each of the five types of platforms listed above we’ll be asking. What are your experiences? How would you rank it on a scale of 1 to 5. Are there any more categories? Are the any more realities? If there’s time, we’ll end on a discussion of how we might actually synthesise these to create something better. The picture shows Mark in in the Bodleian, in EngageVR -------------------------------- ALL ARE WELCOME TO VWER! VWER when and where: The VIRTUAL WORLDS EDUCATION ROUNDTABLE meetings start at 12 noon SLT on Thursdays on Infolit iSchool in Second Life. We meet at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Infolit%20iSchool/229/26/22
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