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  1. i see the point that it's great to view profiles outside of the SL viewer but it doesn't add functionality inside off the viewer. i liked how profiles where viewed in v2.4 and older because they where inside of the sidebar and didn't take up so much space. Space has alway's been a problem with SL because whenever a window is opened it takes away the view of the 3D world!! in viewer 2.4 i used to view a lot of peoples profiles because they are interesting to read and they where not obscuring my view of everything inn the 3D world but when i wan't to read someones profile now it opens up a slow
  2. It came to my attention that the "stop animating me" button is missing in the advanced menu. I hope that it will be placed back on the final release of viewer 2.4. i used that button a lot because my animations often fail to stop because of lag. Please put that button back.
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