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  1. So even though the grid status RSS feed says the problem is resolved, my avatar is still not rezzing, textures aren't loading, my inventory opens and I see all my items but can't wear or remove them. Can't teleport, and the people menu can't even load the names of my friends and contacts. Cleared my cache--twice--and it's still not working. Guess I'll go to sleep and see if LL has the problem really fixed by tomorrow morning.
  2. An update on the situation from Linden Labs WOULD be nice. It's been quite a number of years since I've found myself unable to successfully log into the grid, or have my avatar load inworld, for more than just a couple of hours. Something major must be going on with one or more of their server locations... or maybe the NSA is just busy reading all our chat logs?
  3. What's up with the value of the Linden dollar? I haven't had need to purchase Lindens in a little while and I see the exchange rate is now under 250L$ per US dollar... I used to be able to buy about 265 Lindens for a buck, and that rate was pretty consistent for most of my time in SL! Do the Chinese have anything to do with this? I wonder... :smileymad:
  4. /me being sarcastic: Well, thanks for all the advance warning about the new log-in procedure! I imagine the phone lines and discussion blogs are going to explode with complaints when people try to go about their usual business today and start getting errors when they attempt to log in. Did LL bother to give any of those third-party viewer programmers advance notice about the single username entry field? Even in this announcement (and let's face it, not every resident pays close attention to the official Linden blog), it's hidden in a link to the wiki all the way at the end of the post.
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