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  1. They are angel buddies that always get blamed for the trouble, Cherub. All of it involves ..alleged events that no one can prove.
  2. YAY!! PARTY AT CROWBAR!! Get your booties down here and let's shake it! I am available for tp limo rides. Just IM me.
  3. I am not a trouble buddy, Cherub! I am just..the bartender
  4. I am going to check the inventory at Crowbar, Taylor. I need some help counting....
  5. Cherub, I bug him all freaking year "11MONTHS UNTIL OCTOBERVILLE,MK!!!", "7MONTHS UNTIL OCTOBERVILLE,MK!!" I am surprised he hasn't muted me yet. Christmasville would be awesome! I bet you could find enough volunteers within the OV community to help you plan one and hopefully get ahead so you could do BOTH! And then you'll never want to log into SL again if you pull that off. And that stupid cobra made me come in 2nd place, after Neopagan in...2008? BY LESS THAN A MINUTE. I am still pouting about it.
  6. I remember my first time at Octoberville. A friend of mine who has since left SL, Vicki Martini, helped me with the hunt. We stumbled upon a certain group of people in one of the backrooms of the haunted house...sitting in a peaceful circle. I totally remember someone commenting that people weren't supposed to make it there yet.It made me laugh a lot. I would be totally bummed if Octoberville wasnt around every October. I know I start bugging MK not long after oh...Christmas about counting down lol.
  7. Ok, seriously...Crowbar. The entire sim is amazing and fun, but it's the people that bring me back year after year. Crowbar is one of the best clubs in SL, the people are fun, there aren't a ton of gestures (most of the time), and everyone is welcoming.
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