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  1. Hi, I updated all of the boards a couple of years ago. I have just gone thru them, and have been unable to find the one that says "animated hippo". There are a coule of hundred frames, so it is likely that I have missed that one. Could you give me more information about what you were working on? Then I will have more information. In the meantime-- Please follow Greyhelm's instructions above- they are how you manoever the site- left and right arrows, then in between to reset to go to the next class. Thanks for the heads up! I definitely appreciate people letting us know if there are issues! Leslea
  2. My understanding is that Linden Labs is creating an arms length department to handle cashouts and this is called Tilia? Is this correct?
  3. Are you experienced in building, graphics, scripting, sculpting, or any other facet of Second Life? Have you thought about sharing your knowledge with others while making a few lindens to help pay the rent? The Happy Hippo Building School has vacancies for teachers in all categories. To find out more, send a notecard to Leslea Aldrin that contains your information and experience.
  4. Where is the current scripting wiki and script repository?
  5. I rent on a general sim, and have a couple games - Zyngo and Gemmy... which *can* be games where ppl win lindens, however, I have them set for free- one of them requires one linden to play which is immediately returned. Do I need to get the license as I do not make any lindens, the users don't make any lindens, and they are just there for fun? Thanks, Leslea Aldrin
  6. Hi, Steven, Did Cosmic Broome get back to you? She is currently in sabbatical, and I would like you to contact me if you are still interested. Thanks, Leslea Aldrin
  7. As a group owner, I am wondering if you would implement a MOTD option for groups. The way it would work is that the group owner (or??) could add a MOTD (optional) for group members to see upon opening the group chat. For example: a brief schedule of the day. Notices do not reach everyone in a group when the group is large, and this would reach everyone who opened the group chat. Having run other chat clients for 15 years, I know that this could be quite simple to add, but could also be cumbersome, so limiting the number of characters would be reasonable. (wish list: potential to link the MOTD to a google calendar for hourly updates :) Thank you, Leslea Aldrin
  8. I went to the Eldervale portal, and was unable to even move around- the lag was terrible, it took a long time to rez, and I couldn't walk around. I was on other sims before and afterwards, and did not experience this at all.
  9. Where can I find information about downgrading my account? How do I get a refund if I downgrade an hour after I upgrade?
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