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  1. It has dawned on me, after going through the forum to make sure no one else had come up with this, that there are no 'furry' choices for people just joining offered. There are vampires, werewolves, normal people and this newest selection with pet additions but what about those that are from the furry community that are just learning about Second Life? A few options like a wolf, fox, dog, cat, dragons and unicorns (definitely). Perhaps even a bird, like a raven or crow? Swan, ducks, geese? There are a lot of options when it comes to furries. And there are great creators out there that could offer to Linden Labs, donating and getting their work known? Its just a random idea for those furry lovers.
  2. I see what you are talking about here. But I am trying to figure out how to make it visible in world when it shows up invisible on the other side. Could you explain how to make it look like as it does in blender when the backface culling isn't activated?
  3. I was wondering how much trouble it would be for Linden Labs to come up with an authenticator so that it makes it harder to hack SL accounts. I just had some alts hit and then several friends were hit as well by the same people. With this, I figured it would be a lot harder for them to steal our accounts and, if you have pay info on it, they will clean your bank out.
  4. I wish I could take credit of this but no. It was given to me and asked to rig it. I don't sell what I upload to SL since they are not my own work. I just make them for my bf.
  5. :matte-motes-sour: Here is what I was working on. A special gift I was making for my bf for his personal use. Its the only thing that is over 8 where everything else comes up as 1. Head, eyepatch, shirt underneath with tie, buttons and his hands. I even tried to remove the head to upload seperately but still the same thing. No texture's been added to it.
  6. I'm still fairly new to blender and rigging, what I can find for help is on youtube. I had made something but once it was finished and such, it said there was a material count of 9, when you are only allowed 8 to upload to SL? I'm not really sure where to go to fix this or anything online. I used decimate and smooth. I have removed vertices. It remains the same. Any suggestions on where to look to learn to change this?
  7. Hey and hello there! I'm Chellie Sholokhov, Supreme Beast's general manager. I'm the one that will be doing a majority of the interviews coming in! I'd like to give a warm welcome to all that apply with us here at Beast Island and work personally with each and everyone in the end.
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